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Create and Promote Partnerships


Partnerships between appropriate science and education faculty or organizations that support pre-service teacher preparation is beneficial on many levels.  First, it brings added expertise and resources to science education initiatives.  Second, it provides access to additional audiences.  Third, it strengthens long term sustainability.

Best Practices for Success

    1. Read the "Before You Begin" information.
    2. Identify possible partners that have similar goals and will augment your expertise.  Partners could include:
      • Organizations (ASTE, NACCTEP, NSTA, ASP…)
      • Science or Education faculty and departments at universities and two-year colleges
      • Existing pre-service programs
      • NASA missions
      • Individuals
    3. If you are partnering with an organization, explore what both of you can contribute and invest.
    4. Designed any project with input from (or in partnership with) appropriate representatives of the target audience.
    5. Develop goals and audiences of the collaboration first and jointly.
    6. Collaborate on a task (develop materials), activity, or product of sufficiently mutual interest that both parties see this partnership as authentic and worthwhile.

Paths of Involvement

    • Form a round-table or discussion group of science and education faculty that meets regularly in increase their awareness of each other’s needs
    • Devise a collaborative recruitment/advising plan with the College of Education to provide teacher certification options for undergraduate science majors
    • Plan to co-teach a course, such as a science course for education majors, or a science methods course
    • Support a teachers’ professional conference with your pre-existing state-wide science teachers association to host at your institution, and find additional scientist-contributors
    • Partner with faculty who are teaching education, or individuals who conduct programs to train teachers, for E/PO grants
    • Design an institute for science and education faculty to work together to improve pre-service

Models of Programs that Create and Promote Partnerships Between Science and Education Faculty

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