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Planets and the Solar System

In Texas, teachers are expected to teach about the objects in our Solar System and their characteristics and positions relative to the Sun, as well as what makes up a system.

3.11 C The student is expected to identify the planets in our solar system and their position in relation to the Sun
6.5 A and B The student is expected to identify and describe a system that results from the combination of two or more systems such as in the solar system; and describe how the properties of a system are different from the properties of its parts.
6.13 A The student is expected to identify characteristics of objects in our solar system including the Sun, planets, meteorites, comets, asteroids, and moons

Preliminary Concepts
Students need to understand the definition of Solar System--that is, those objects that orbit our Sun--before they can identify which objects are a part of our Solar System.

Misconceptions and Educational Research

Activities about Planets and the Solar System

Content Resources for the Pre-Service Educator

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