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Arctic Warming Twice as Fast as Global Average
The annual Arctic Report Card indicates that high temperatures have shattered records in the Arctic in 2016, and warming continues to bring stark changes to the region. The average annual air temperature over land areas in the Arctic region this year reached its highest point in the observational record, a 3.5°C increase since 1900.

Mars Ice Holds as Much Water as Lake Superior
Scientists using data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have used radar to measure the deposits of ice beneath Mars's mid-northern latitudes. The depost ranges from 260 to 560 feet thick, and is 50 to 85% water ice. This is comparable to the amount of water in Lake Superior. The ice is close enough to the surface to potentially be a resource for future astronauts.

New Ceres Views as Dawn Moves Higher
View NASA's Dawn spacecraft new images of the brightest spot on the dwarf planet Ceres.

New Insights into Global Warming
A new study of the temporary slowdown in the global average surface temperature warming trend observed between 1998 and 2013 concludes the phenomenon represented a redistribution of energy within the Earth system, with Earth's ocean absorbing the extra heat.

Last Dive for Cassini Mission
The Cassini spacecraft has made some amazing discoveries since its arrival at Saturn in 2004, and has advanced knowledge of the Saturnian System beyond expectations. On Sept. 15, 2017 Cassini will make its final dive into Saturn, sending back information about the weather and atmosphere before being crushed due to the increasing pressure.