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Lunar Eclipse Resources
On October 8, the full Moon will pass through Earth’s shadow, producing a total lunar eclipse visible for a portion of North America, and a partial lunar eclipse for all of North America. Lunar eclipses are perfectly safe to view, and an exciting family event. LPI has assembled information and a variety of links with information, multimedia, and activities.

New Video: What is the Scale of the Universe?
OSIRIS-REx presents a video which looks at the scale of everything in the Universe, from our target asteroid, Bennu, all the way up to the Universe itself.

Earth Science Week Online Toolkit
The updated Earth Science Week Online Toolkit includes 76 lessons, posters, fact sheets, and other materials, each offered in both English and Spanish. Materials provide users with introductory information on Earth science, as well as in-depth items on earth, water, air, and life science.

Climate Literacy & Energy Awareness Network
Resources on climate and energy literacy for the classroom are available from the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN). CLEAN has launched a searchable portal of online learning activities, videos, and visualizations on climate and energy.

Resources and Demos on the Importance of Carbon Dioxide in our Atmosphere
NASA Wavelength has created a list of educational resources on this greenhouse gas, along with information on the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 mission, which will map carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere, and links to articles and activities for students of all ages.

Galaxy Collision Activity
This activity is designed to allow high school and undergraduate students to understand the structure of galaxies and nature of galaxy collisions. They will: watch a planetarium show, build their own galaxy, and engage with an interactive simulation illustrating how galaxies collide and merge gravitationally.