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DIY Sun Science App
This free app, funded by NASA, allows families and educators to investigate and learn about the Sun. It provides hands-on activities, live images and recorded videos of the Sun, and much more.

Plate Tectonics Online Resources
The Geological Society of London has an online interactive resource on plate tectonics and other key geoscience topics.

What is a Polar Vortex?
There has been a lot of talk about the polar vortex lately. People from all over the United States and Canada have blamed recent cold weather on this phenomenon, but what is the polar vortex? Where did it come from? How does it cause such cold weather? Learn more, with a new video from SciJinks for grades 6-12.

Bridge Data Tip Activities
This program sponsored by NOAA Sea Grant and the National Marine Educators Association, has a variety of Earth science activities geared around the use of data.

Android Version of NASA Space Place Prime Magazine
Space Place Prime is now available on Android! A spinoff of NASA’s popular kids’ Space Place website, Space Place Prime has timely, educational, and easy-to-read articles and activities from the Space Place and other science websites, the latest and most impressive NASA space and Earth imagery, and a wide array of informational movies.

Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin
This quarterly journal is freely available online; it includes a variety of news regarding planetary science discoveries.

Visualization of 56 Years of Tornadoes in the US
Using information from, tech blogger John Nelson has created this spectacular image of tornado paths in the US over a 56 year period. The graphic categorizes the storms by F-scale with the brighter neon lines representing more violent storms.