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Free Downloads: Mars Explorers Wanted Posters
Mars will need all kinds of explorers, farmers, surveyors, teachers; download a Mars poster that speaks to you. Each of the eight posters represents a different type of explorer NASA is seeking.

Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin
While primarily for planetary scientists, the articles are interesting and easy to understand. In this issue: NASA’s Juno Mission: What’s Inside Jupiter? Juno co-investigator Fran Bagenal previews the key science objectives of the Juno mission, which reaches Jupiter’s orbit on July 4.This issue features other news from space, LPSC meeting highlights, education spotlight, and milestones too.

LEGO Challenge: Mission to Space
Learn fun facts about our solar system, play quizzes, and get a taste of life as an astronaut and space pioneer! Round off the trip by entering a building challenge.

Middle School Earth and Space Science Resources
Check out the resources LPI's STEP program has assembled for activities and presentations for over a dozen middle school Earth and space science topics.

LPI Educational Activities Directory
LPI has a sortable directory of Earth and Space Science activities, materials, powerpoints, and more. Topics include plate tectonics, lunar phases, seasons, solar system, and more. Search by topic, audience, grade level, engagement style, and according to alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards.

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Astronomy: Cosmic Fiction, Drama, and Poetry
Obtain a free electronic article about approaching astronomy through fiction, drama, poetry, etc. from the Communicating Astronomy with the Public Journal. The article has many references to resources for further exploration, including to various collections of astronomical plays, and of verse influenced by astronomy.

Science Fiction with Good Astronomy & Physics
Obtain a free electronic updated subject guide to science fiction stories and novels which are based on reasonably good science (and can thus be recommended in introductory astronomy courses). While most of the stories are available only in print, a number are now published electronically free of charge, and links to those are included.

The "All-American" Eclipse of the Sun in 2017: Free Booklet
On August 21, 2017, there will be a total eclipse of the Sun visible from the U.S. and partially visible to 500 million people in other parts of the U.S. and North America. The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) is making available a popular-level introduction to help explain the eclipse, and how to view it, to students and the public. Obtain a free 8-page PDF booklet today!

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