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Real World: Earth Systems
Check out video segments that connect classroom mathematics to current careers and innovations designed for students to develop an appreciation for mathematics through real-world problem-solving.

Easy Citizen Science for Your Audiences
Want to be a citizen Earth scientist? Join GLOBE Observer, download the app and use it to observe the environment wherever you are. Submit your observations and help students of all ages do real scientific research as part of the GLOBE Program.

Totality by Big Kid Science
Want to witness the coast-to-coast solar eclipse of 2017? Totality by Big Kid Science is the FREE app that will tell you when, where, and what you’ll see on eclipse day. The cool iTunes app offers an interactive map to show the eclipse circumstances at any location, along with buttons that use GPS to show you the circumstances at your current location and to identify the nearest location that is on the centerline of the totality path.

Make Ultraviolet Handprint Art
Make handprint art using ultraviolet light! In this cool activity, see how sunscreen can be used to block the sun’s ultraviolet light rays.

Eclipse Resources for the Classroom
Looking for educational resources to help you teach about the August 21st, 2017 solar eclipse? WGBH put together a folder of materials that includes a teacher toolkit to support educators in planning and integrating the eclipse into the classroom.

LPI Augmented Reality App
LPI has an "augmented reality" app you can use to take an interactive tour of the asteroid belt, the Moon, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Europa. Launch the "lunar and planetARy" app, and point your camera at an interactive poster (available online for you to print or show on a screen). Available through Google Play or App Store.

New "Explore NASA Science" Website
Explore the redesigned NASA Science website and learn about new discoveries, sign up for the newsletter, and much more!