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January 1 - December 31, 2015 Hubble Space Telescope's 25th Anniversary

January 1 - December 31, 2015 International Year of Light

August 12, 2015 Perseid Meteor Shower

September 28, 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse


NASA GEMS workshops in West Virginia
The Science Museum of Western Virginia is conducting a free NASA GEMS workshop on August 5 about The Universe; activities are best suited for upper elementary and middle school classrooms, but teachers of all grade levels are welcome to attend.


CosmoQuest / CLSE Google Hangouts
Join CosmoQuest and the LPI-JSC Center for Lunar Science and Exploration (CLSE) the first Tuesday of the month as we chat with folks working with NASA SSERVI (Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute)! Our next Hangout will be July 7th at 7:30pm CT with guest Dr. David Kring, PI for the LPI-JSC SSERVI team, the Center for Lunar Science and Exploration. All Hangouts begin at 5:30pm PT / 6:30pm MT / 7:30pm CT / 8:30pm ET.

HMNS lecture: NASA’s Year of the Dwarves: Exploration of Ceres and Pluto
2015 marks the first exploration ever of dwarf planets. The two unprecedented missions-Dawn and New Horizons are mapping the icy dwarf planets Ceres and Pluto. On August 11 at the Houston Museum for Natural Science, Dr. Paul M. Schenk of the Lunar and Planetary Institute will review the missions as they explore the inner and outer solar system, and will share the top questions scientists hope to answer with the data they gather. Friends of the Lunar and Planetary Institute receive $5 off regular ticket price of $18; Present coupon code Lec$5off when purchasing tickets at HMNS Box Office or 713.639.4629.

Passing Pluto: event at LPI on August 8
Join us at the Lunar and Planetary Institute on August 8 to learn about solar system exploration and hear about the first close-up pictures of Pluto received from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft.


The Vizzies: Call For Entries
Do you love animating data, creating science apps, or taking macrophotographs? In the Visualization Challenge, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Popular Science, participants can submit their entries in one or more of five categories. The Experts’ Choice winner in each category will be awarded $2,500, and the People’s Choice winner in each category will be awarded $500. Contest winners will be announced in February 2016. Submission deadline: Sept. 15.


NCTM Invites Applications for 2015 Middle School Student Engagement Grants
Grants of up to $3,000 will be awarded to persons currently teaching math in grades 6-8 to support the incorporation of materials or lessons which actively engage students in tasks and experiences that deepen their content knowledge. Deadline is November 6, 2015.


New on NASA Wavelength: Explore New Horizons Resources
The New Horizons mission is fast approaching Pluto, helping us to understand worlds at the edge of our solar system by making the first reconnaissance of the dwarf planet and by venturing deeper into the distant, mysterious Kuiper Belt--a relic of solar system formation. As the world awaits this historic fly-by, NASA Wavelength has rounded up some great mission-related resources to help you expand your students’ horizons.

GeoInquiries for Earth Science
Esri has teamed with GISetc to produce the Earth Science GeoInquiry Collection. This free set of instructional materials uses ArcGIS Online web mapping and analysis tools to enhance middle school earth science lessons. The collection contains 15 web-mapping activities that correspond with and extend map-based concepts in leading middle school earth science textbooks.