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NOAA Education Resources: Hurricanes Collection
Education resources for teaching about Hurricanes and other tropical cyclones. Includes multimedia files, lessons, real time data, and background material.

LPI Educator Resources Searchable by Standards
The Lunar and Planetary Institute's educational resources (activities, powerpoints, exhibits, spectrometers, and other information) are now searchable by audience, age, and type of materials. Activities are also searchable by style of engagement, and by Next Generation Science Standard's Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts.

Online Planet Timeline: Year of the Dwarf Planets
View a great online exhibit showing the number of planets through time by NASA / USGS RPIF.

Visualizing Earth Systems
A compelling visualization can graphically depict data in a way that helps students grasp a challenging concept. This new website links educators to dozens of recommended visualizations dealing with energy, climate, minerals, water, hazards, and other Earth science topics. Educators are invited to submit URLs for their favorite online geoscience visualizations.