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Curriculum with an Impact
The Barringer Meteorite Crater curriculum is a free inquiry-based 10-day curriculum that takes middle school students from observers to experimenters to educated participants in the investigation of the scientific processes of impact cratering. The unit culminates with a scientific and historical narrative of how Barringer Meteorite Crater in Arizona was identified.

Feeling the Heat Activity
In UCAR's activity, students learn about the urban heat island effect by investigating which areas of their schoolyard have higher temperatures, then analyze data about the number of heat waves in an urban area. For grades 6-12.

The Universe in the Classroom
A new edition of The Universe in the Classroom is now available on the ASP website. "Recent Lunar Science Discoveries and an Opportunity to Celebrate Them" describes how you can get involved in International Observe the Moon Night, and how recent NASA missions have changed the way we view our nearest celestial neighbor. Past articles are also available.

Online Resources for Earth Science Week
Supporting the Earth Science Week 2016 theme of "Our Shared Geoheritage," this new page links educators and students to recommended resources including downloadable reports, articles, blogs, geoheritage locations, and learning activities.

Earth Science Week Toolkits
AGI puts together a toolkit for educators every year; this year's theme is "Our Shared Geoheritage." Toolkits include a calendar, posters, DVDs, and more.

NASA's "Science WOW!" newsletter
NASA has a new science education newsletter. Science starts with a question, and so will "Science WOW!" Each week's message will kick off with a science question and a link to where you can find the answer. "Science WOW!" will also highlight an awesome science education tool each week.

Middle School Earth and Space Science Resources
Check out the resources LPI's STEP program has assembled for activities and presentations for over a dozen middle school Earth and space science topics.

LPI Educational Activities Directory
LPI has a sortable directory of Earth and Space Science activities, materials, powerpoints, and more. Topics include plate tectonics, lunar phases, seasons, solar system, and more. Search by topic, audience, grade level, engagement style, and according to alignment with the Next Generation Science Standards.

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