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"Unheard Voices" Astronomy Guide
Sponsored by the Heliophysics Forum of the Space Missions Directorate at NASA, this pair of resource guides is about the astronomy of many cultures and about the contributions of women to astronomy. The guides are designed specifically for instructors and students in introductory college science courses, but may be useful for other grades.

Live Online Video of Earth from the International Space Station
There is now a live HD video of Earth from the International Space Station streaming online, thanks to the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment, activated on April 30.

Galaxy Collision Activity
This activity is designed to allow high school and undergraduate students to understand the structure of galaxies and nature of galaxy collisions. They will: watch a planetarium show, build their own galaxy, and engage with an interactive simulation illustrating how galaxies collide and merge gravitationally.

Visualization of 56 Years of Tornadoes in the US
Using information from, tech blogger John Nelson has created this spectacular image of tornado paths in the US over a 56 year period. The graphic categorizes the storms by F-scale with the brighter neon lines representing more violent storms.