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Visualizing Earth Systems
A compelling visualization can graphically depict data in a way that helps students grasp a challenging concept. This new website links educators to dozens of recommended visualizations dealing with energy, climate, minerals, water, hazards, and other Earth science topics. Educators are invited to submit URLs for their favorite online geoscience visualizations.

The Universe in the Classroom
In this third of a special three-part edition of The Universe in the Classroom, learn about how our understanding of cosmology has evolved as our ability to collect and interpret data has improved.

AGI’s Critical Issues Program
This information hub provides introductory information on issues at the intersection of geoscience and society, including energy, climate, water, natural hazards, and mineral resources for the classroom.

Angry Birds Space--Solar System update
Rovio released a major updated to Angry Birds Space. The new "Solar System" update has 15 new levels, facts about all the planets in our solar system, nine NASA co-produced videos, and links to 15 NASA websites.

Geoscience Resources Available in Spanish
The American Geosciences Institute has free resources in English and Spanish listed on their website that may be helpful to students and teachers.

Experience Curiosity
This program allows viewers to journey along with the one-ton rover on its Martian expeditions by simulating Mars in 3-D based on actual data from Curiosity and NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), giving users first-hand experience in a day in the life of a Mars rover.

Mars Trek
This free online application provides high-quality, detailed visualizations of the planet using real data from 50 years of NASA exploration and allowing astronomers, citizen scientists and students to study the Red Planet's features.

GeoInquiries for Earth Science
Esri has teamed with GISetc to produce the Earth Science GeoInquiry Collection. This free set of instructional materials uses ArcGIS Online web mapping and analysis tools to enhance middle school earth science lessons. The collection contains 15 web-mapping activities that correspond with and extend map-based concepts in leading middle school earth science textbooks.