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Planetary Data in Education Community


Important Things to Know

Elements of successful programs

Process of Development - Too often products are developed for the educator or student without involving or understanding the needs of the intended audience. Data, programs, and products need to be better targeted and respectful of the time and abilities of the audience. Specific recommendations on Process of Development

Data Access/Presentation Issues - Educators often do not have time to research the data, determine how they can incorporate them into the context of classroom activities, and subsequently design activities that incorporate these data. Data often require considerable “filtering” to make them useable by students. Programs for working with data are not straightforward. Specific recommendations on Data Access/Presentation Issues

Content And Curriculum Issues - There is a need to ensure accuracy of the space science content to maintain legitimacy of the products or programs. Data should not be presented just for the sake of data, but should be placed in the context of the broader learning environment. Specific recommendations on Content and Curriculum Issues.

Training Issues - Even the very best materials will not be used if the intended audience, or facilitators, do not receive training. Do not assume that the materials are straightforward in their use. Specific recommendations on Training Issues.