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DLESE Data Services Meeting Announcement 
May 15–17, 2006

We would like to invite you and/or other members of the Planetary Sciences community to participate in the DLESE (Digital Library for Earth System Education) Data Services Workshop, to be held at the Westward Look Resort in Tucson, Arizona, May 15–17, 2006. The Planetary Sciences community has been identified as a source of planetary science data that could be used effectively in education, and we would like to help facilitate your efforts in that direction.

The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate the use of Earth system data in secondary, undergraduate, and graduate education. At the meeting, data providers and tool developers will demonstrate access and analysis strategies for their data and tools. Similarly, scientists, curriculum developers, and educators will make presentations highlighting their current and desired uses of Earth science data and analysis tools in education.

As the core activity of the meeting, participants will be grouped into small teams of 5-6 people representing the roles of data provider, tools developer, scientist, curriculum developer, and educator. Each team will work together to outline an educational module that utilizes existing data and tools represented by team members. Modules outlined by each team will become new chapters in the Earth Exploration Toolbook. Through team interactions, participants will learn about current data use and perceived needs from other groups’ perspectives.

We can support at least partial travel expenses for most attendees. Full travel support will be extended based on need to have full teams with all roles represented.

Further details and access to the meeting registration site are available at this DLESE site.
If you have questions about the workshop, please let me know. You can contact me by e-mail ( ) or LuAnn Dahlman (  

Tamara Shapiro Ledley  
If you are interested in attending this meeting as a member of the Planetary Data in Education Community or have an idea/project/tool that would be appropriate, please contact Meredith Higbie by MARCH 3, 2006.
Phone: 281- 486- 2175