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Planetary Data in Learning Environments
A Community Workshop
Monday, August 1, 2005

Morning Round Table Discussions - Facilitator Information

Workshop Goals

  • Increase awareness of the range of Earth and planetary science programs, tools, and data resources that exist, from which to draw experiences, and with which to make connections
  • Build knowledge about key features of a successful PDE program
  • Reflect on a specific application of best practices in the design or implementation of a new program or improvement of an existing program


Planetary Data in Exhibits and Planetariums (Dan Neafus)

Planetary Data in Student Investigations (Sheri Klug)

Planetary Data in Student Data Collection/Comparison (Jessica Robin)

Planetary Data in for Citizen Science (Ginny Gulik)

  • You will host 2 45-minute sessions.
  • Identify a scribe who will stay for both sessions. The organizers will help make this happen.
  • For the 2 nd session, please make the new group familiar with the prior discussion so that the conversation can continue to evolve.

Possible guiding questions

  • What are the program goals with respect to data use?
  • What data are used? How are they used?
  • What is the evidence of success?
  • What elements of development and implementation made the program successful?
  • What obstacles occurred and how were they overcome?
  • What are the participant's experiences with these aspects for their own programs?
  • What exemplary resources and programs exist?
  • What research exists / is needed with respect to this topic?
  • What are the needs of this particular community group?

Round Table Report-out (facilitator)

  • What are the major guiding principles for creating a successful program?
  • What are common obstacles and possible solutions?
  • What existing needs were identified?
  • What are the priorities for this community group?

How can the PDE Initiative assist?


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