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Planetary Data in Learning Environments
A Community Workshop
Monday, August 1, 2005

Group Discussions - Group A

Who are the current and future audiences using planetary data products and how are they best engaged?

Each group should designate a facilitator and a scribe.

The scribe will document the group discussion (computer, notepad); notes will be given to the program organizers.

The facilitator will report out to the workshop participants at the close of the group discussion. Please refer to the “Group Report-Out Questions”

Possible guiding questions

We recommend that Group A begin by determining the possible audiences. Break into smaller groups to discuss different audiences.

  • What does experience tell us about working with this audience using data?
  • What data are appropriate/engaging?
  • How are the data best presented to meet audience needs?
  • Who are the partners involved/needed?
  • What engagement/dissemination avenues are appropriate? New avenues?
  • What training is needed?
  • Where are the gaps in successfully connecting with this audience?
  • What exemplary programs exist?
  • What research exists/is needed with respect to this topic?
  • What additional information is needed to best engage this audience?

Group Report-Out Questions (facilitator)

  • What were the major findings/discussion points?
  • What needs were identified?/What additional information is needed from this community group?
  • What are the priorities?
  • How can the PDE Initiative assist? How will this community group interact with the PDE?
  • What are the next steps to address the needs and priorities?


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