Pre-Service Educators Working Group

Telecon Notes: April 4, 2006



Hotel details for the Pre-Service Educator Working Group Advance

Meeting agenda

Laurie & Katharine's reference list

Updates on current efforts / initiatives



Hotel details --Committee chairs reminded everyone to book their rooms as soon as possible


Who is attending?

Anita--tentative yes, Bill Waller -yes, Lynn -- tentative yes, Larry - yes,  Jennifer- yes, Greg - yes, Doug - yes; we stated that Stephanie Stockman and Tim Slater would also be coming, and that Cass would not be able to join.


Do we have an adequate sampling of pre-service “stake holders”?

·     Peter Holden is coming (update—unfortunately an education colleague cannot attend)


·     Rick Pomeroy to represent ASTE. 


·     Laurie described the other organizations that have been invited to join us: Bennington Foundation, NSF, and Department of Education (for Wednesday), Marshall University (Stan Maynard), Larry Jones from West Virginia,


·     Question about Space Grant in Baltimore--Jennifer Grier is teaching in-service there; they are not doing pre-service


·     Question about Ohio Space Grant--no one from there is coming at this time


Later discussion went to Community Colleges and the work being done on pre-service in them

·     Lynn mentioned the American Association of Community Colleges <> as an organization,


·     Anita provided contact information (Margaret Rivera, VP for programs, 202.728.0200 x 234. Anita spoke with Ellen Hause at AACC; she recommended Peggie Weeks of Hofstra - who specializes in CC-education programs. Weeks: 607-292-6116; Email: <> 


·     [Update: Doug and Laurie later provided additional community college contacts: Michael Mueller, 2006 Symposium on Powerful Teaching, Assistant Professor of Education, Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences Roane State Community College, 276 Patton Lane, Harriman, TN 37748,, and Jerry Vinski, Director, NJACE and Planetarium Department, Raritan Valley Com. Coll. PO Box 3300, Somerville, NJ 08876, Ph 908-231-8805, Fax 908-526-7938,


·     Tim provided contacts to the National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs (NACCTEP) .  Dr. Cheri St.Arnauld, Executive Director, National Center for Teacher Education, c/o Maricopa Community Colleges, Email:


·     The NACCTEP has been invited to recommend someone to join the May Advance who will represent science pre-service in community colleges]



The expected goals and outcomes of the meeting were reiterated. 


From the Advance document:



We are coming together to identify a concrete, meaningful “menu of opportunities” in which the SMD community can be involved in pre-service educator preparation leveraging strengths and experience


Goal 1

Develop a deeper understanding of pre-service programs and needs


a.       Analyze survey data collected from both national and regional audiences

b.       Use data to identify pre-service needs

c.       Identify existing models that can serve to meet those needs

d.       Hold discussions with the broad spectrum of committee members and invited guests to determine intersections and gaps between SMD community activities/resources and identified pre-service needs


Goal 2

Identify diverse ways to meet those needs relating to space science education


a.           Identify concrete, meaningful “menu of opportunities” in which SMD community can be involved in pre-service preparation

b.           Identify potential partnerships and necessary resources for each project

c.            Create a timetable of action for the next 3-5 years


Participants are expected to bring information and data from the communities with which they are working.


The results of this Advance will be reported out at the Ed Council meeting in May, at the ASP meeting in September, and in a white paper authored (possibly submitted to AER) authored by the entire working group.



Resource List

Laurie described her resource list, and others suggested additional information that we could consider or read in advance

·    The data from Phil Sadler's group could be considered--someone was going to ask Mary Dussault to share what has been gathered (it has not been published); Stephanie will be getting Phil's LPSC presentation from Mary as well


·    (Bill?) recommended Cary Sneider's "Perceptions of Earth shape / gravity" and "Phases of the Moon" show what is age-appropriate for educational astronomy concepts [update--they have been added to the PSEWG resource page--]


·    Doug recommended Janelle Bailey & Tim Slater's article from the AER [also on the PSEWG resource page]


·    Lynn recommended the Science Curriculum Topic Study, which will help teachers to integrate research to standards [also on the PSEWG resource page]


·    Laurie recommended the recent Washington Post article on Bush's science education initiative


The question of the role of math education during the May Advance was posed--in the end, with advise from Lynn, it was recommended that we involve it where it is natural in the discussions, but not dedicate time to it because of the limited timeframe and the need to keep on-task.



Discussion was held on updates and data for various committee members

·    Laurie described the Langley conference--more people are seeing the conference as a vehicle, and nationally-recognized people are giving workshops. But the conference is unfortunately over-scheduled (low turnout for individual workshops)


·    Stephanie and Christine agreed to the observation from the ATE report that the conference didn't develop the hoped-for contacts and may not be the right audience for the PSEWG's efforts


·    Greg discussed his work with San Francisco State; they are working with science methods classes


·    Doug has been asked to speak to symposiums on powerful teaching ideas

·    (someone?) suggested working with Future Teachers of America


·    Bill is having monthly meetings with the teacher education program at Tufts (and beyond); there isn't enough staff or time to do all that they would like to achieve [I have "Esteem" written down--is that the name of his program?]


·    Stephanie described SCORE’s work with a small local committee on pre-service


·    Anita's plans with Univ of MD were mentioned


·    Christine described Cass's work SC Space Grant is funding 7 pre-service educators for $2K each to help off-set their costs - including some books, living expenses, student-teaching supplies, classroom supplies etc.  SERCH is going to connect them to the SN network and STEM professionals to act as mentors and would like to link them to this group.


Next conference call: 2:00 pm Eastern 2 May