Pre-Service Education Working Group
Notes from January 18, 2007 PSEWG Telecon


Stephanie Shipp
Christine Shupla
Bill Waller
Stephanie Stockman
Jim Lochner
Jennifer Grier
Laurie Ruberg
Cheri St. Arnauld
Greg Schultz
Deb Stork (new member, Science Education, University of Dubuque, (563) 589-3453,
Art Hammon


Rachel Connally
As Rachel was held up initially, we began the meeting with updates on AAS and ASTE.

AAS, Seattle:
Discussion began with a description by Christine of the pre-service poster she, Laurie Ruberg, Tim Slater, and Greg Schultz authored and presented at AAS in Seattle.  Response was very positive and there was a stronger interest than anticipated.  The poster is on the PSEWG website.

Stephanie Shipp asked if the working group should consider holding a workshop on pre-service at the next AAS meeting.

Bill reported out on the Scientists in E/PO workshop he and others also held during AAS.  It went well, but could have been better attended.

Rachel Connally then joined us (contact info):
Rachel Berger Connolly
Astrophysics Education Manager
Rose Center for Earth and Space
79th and Central Park West
New York, NY   10024

Rachel helped to develop the curriculum for a graduate course on astronomy for science educators for Columbia University; the course combines pedagogy and content.  She presented a poster on it during the ASP conference this past fall.  The course has not been implemented yet.
It includes:

Bill Waller asked about intended audience; Rachel said that high school teachers frequently have some content in astronomy so they focused on middle school and elementary teachers.  All students are all master’s or PhD candidates.
Stephanie Shipp stated that the course appears to cover the same topics our working group has identified: data, misconceptions, etc.
Rachel will be presenting more at NARST.  She also spoke about the Rose Center’s Seminars on Science classes; they will be incorporating some of her curriculum into a future Seminar on Science class she is developing.

ASTE, Clearwater FL:
Stephanie Shipp described the workshop she conducted with Tim Slater, Rick Pomeroy, and Stephanie Parker, on Authentic Inquiry using NASA Data.  The workshop received excellent evaluations.  Unfortunately, a number of those who registered (32 overall) for the workshop did not attend; still 16 participants were there.  Greg was among the participants and spoke well of the workshop.  He also recommended to ASTE that they hold workshops concurrent with each other in the future rather than competing with paper presentations.

There is a strong interest in repeating the workshop.

Stephanie also spoke about her meeting with the ASTE Board; they are eager to work with us.  We can bring in scientists for workshops and presentations.  In particular, the Professional Development committee would like to find ways we can assist them with faculty pd, sharing and identifying NASA resources, providing research experiences for education faculty, providing content and information to the ASTE community, and opportunities for student collaboration / projects.  Greg Schultz is now on the ASTE professional development committee (congratulations!)

Cheri reported that they are in final conference preparations.  They have received a workshop proposal from Matt Bobrowsky.  Cheri can squeeze in one more workshop from either Tim Slater or Laurie Ruberg if they are able to send the description and title very soon.

Conversation then moved on to discussion of ROSES proposals.

Next Telecon:  Feb 1st, 2pm Eastern, to continue the discussion of the NASA funding opportunity.