Pre-Service Education Working Group
Notes from February 1, 2007 PSEWG Telecon


Stephanie Parker
Bill Waller
Tom Morin
Tim Slater
Jim Lochner
Greg Schultz
Laurie Ruberg
Denise Smith
Debby Stork
Rick Pomeroy
Cheri St. Arnauld

Discussion began with rumors and comments regarding the ROSES proposals and continued with a description of the proposals

Laurie asked if any of the PSEWG were applying to be on the Student Collaboration Program Definition Team; no one has done so and some were unfamiliar with it. (The deadline for submitting a letter is tomorrow.)

We then discussed the NACCTEP conference and information to share.

Christine promised to email everyone with information about the next telecon, which will probably be either March 1st or March 8th.