Pre-Service Education Working Group
Notes from March 8, 2007 PSEWG Telecon


Jim Lochner
Debby Stork
Matt Bobrowsky
Jennifer Grier
Tom Morin
Greg Schultz
Tim Slater
Cheri St. Arnauld
Christine Shupla
Stephanie Shipp
Bill Waller
Rick Pomeroy
Laurie Ruberg

Guest (and new working group member): Mike ODell

The first discussion was a presentation by Matt Bobrowsky and Cheri St. Arnauld on NACCTEP and specifically on the workshop Matt presented.  It was within the partnership strand of the conference: Using NASA and Space Science Resources to Enhance Teacher Preparation on Saturday, March 3, at 3:00 pm.

Mike Odell spoke next about NOVA.

Later discussion with Mike included current collaboration practices and standards; Mike described the Texas realignments of standards

Jennifer Grier (with additional comments by Laurie Ruberg) then described the Langley Pre-Service Teachers Conference. This was the second time that Jennifer has attended this conference.