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Constellation Myths (Greek Mythology for Students Series), Schlessinger Media, 2004, ISBN 1572257423, order from Library Video (product #M6621)
Constellation Myths
recounts a few of the tales that ancient Greeks and Romans composed about star formations. This video is intended for ages 9 13 and includes a teacher's guide, which can also be downloaded in PDF format from the Web site.

Guide to Backyard Astronomy, Library Video Company, 1988, order from Library Video, reference no. N1498
This comprehensive video is for ages 10 to adult and covers how to effectively use binoculars and star charts, how to locate star clusters, and how to identify constellations. A star chart is included.

StarTalker, Pco Design Co., 2004, order from StarTalker
The StarTalker program package includes 4 one-hour CDs, 20 star charts, 4 seasonal sky charts, and a study guide from which the viewer will learn to identify 52 of the 88 constellations and the designations of the major stars within these constellations. The program also presents ancient legends behind the star patterns, interesting facts about some of the stars, and where to search for galaxies, nebulas and star clusters using binoculars or a small telescope.

Starry Night EDU, Library Video Company, 1988, order from Starry Night Store
This CD, compatible with most Windows and Mac systems, is designed for ages 9 to adult and will allow the viewer to steer through the sky from anywhere on Earth. The program also enables viewers to identify every constellation and observe a plethora of deep-space objects. The package includes illustrated space facts with embedded Internet links, tests, animations, a “go to” feature for supersonic space travel, as well as a comprehensive 124-page teacher’s manual.

Native American Star Tales, Lynn Moroney, Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 1991, order from Lynn Moroney.
Storyteller Lynn Moroney enchants children and adults with Native American folk tales and skylore. This three-tape set includes a wealth of constellation myths along with seasonal lore revealing how Native Americans viewed the universe around them.

Space Sciences/Astronomy 8-part Video Series, NASA CORE, 1993, order from CORE or call 866-776-CORE, order # 099.97V
For grades 6–12, NASA CORE presents this astronomy series that includes “The Night Sky,” “A Binocular Tour Through the Night Sky,” “Observing the Night Sky,” and “Types of Telescopes.”

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