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The Future of the Milky Way - Discovery Channel School, 2003, call 1-877-900-8830 or order on line at (order # 772103)
In this 52-minute video for ages 14–18, scientists from around the world investigate the mysteries surrounding the origin of our galaxy. Incorporated within the video presentation is an animation of the birth and life of the Milky Way. Lesson plans are a useful addition, and an activity utilizing the video may be found at Discovery School .

NOVA: Runaway Universe - Wgbn Boston Video, 2000, ASIN B000053V73, order on line at (order #N4212)
NOVA takes viewers on a search for exploding stars and a quest to map out galaxies, and addresses questions such as “What is the fate of the universe?” Stunning graphics and a clearly presented narrative are offered in this video for ages 11 through adult.

Milky Way Video Project - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 2000, order on line at
The Milky Way Video Project is a 28-minute film that is correlated to NASA’s Multiwavelength Milky Way poster. This video offers high school students, amateur astronomers, and the general public an explanation of how data gathered at different wavelengths enables astronomers to study the Milky Way. The viewer is taken on a tour of the Milky Way using 3-D model animations.

Astronomy from the Space Science in Action Series, Schlessinger Media, a division of Library Video Company, 1999, order on line at, ISBN 1572252448
One of a nine-volume set, this 23-minute video for ages 10–14 presents stars, galaxies, black holes, and a variety of other cosmic components in this fun fantasy tour taken by two would-be astronauts. Also offered is fascinating NASA footage and hands-on investigations, all in alignment with national science standards.

StarGaze - Hubble’s View of the Universe and StarGaze II - Visions of the Universe Dvd International, 2000, ASIN B00004VWUF Wea Corp., 2004, ASIN B00001US5PQ
Both StarGaze and StarGaze II present stunning images from the Hubble space telescope of galaxies, nebulae, and other astronomical elements. Background music enhances these spectacular images and viewers can click on a menu button that goes to a page-by-page detail about each image. Appropriate for viewers of all ages.


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January 9, 2007