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The Story of the Milky Way:  A Cherokee Tale
Joseph Bruchac and Gayle Ross, 1995, Dial Books for Young Readers, ASIN 0803717377
Bruchac and Ross frame this Native American tale as a story recounted by a father to his children. This well-illustrated book is wonderful for reading aloud to ages 4–8.

Elinda Who Danced in the Sky:  An Estonian Folktale
Lynn Moroney, 1990, Children’s Book Press, ISBN 0892390662
In this beautiful retelling of an Estonian folktale, Lynn Moroney shares the story about Princess Elinda, who weaves an ethereal wedding veil that becomes the Milky Way. The colorful illustrations and simple text make for a great read-aloud for ages 5–12.

Paul P. Sipiera, 1997, Children’s Press, ISBN 0516203339
Sipiera presents different types of galaxies and their structures, along with a short history about the Milky Way. Large print with numerous images, illustrations, and fun facts for ages 8–11.

The Milky Way (Galaxy)
Gregory Vogt, 2002, Bridgestone Books, ISBN 0736813845
Ages 8–12 will receive a good, albeit brief, introduction to our galaxy and its components (including our Sun, other types of stars, and black holes) along with stellar images, a glossary of terms, and a short activity.

Anne Welsbacher, 1997, Abdo & Daughters, ISBN 1562397192
Beautiful images, a short glossary, and a page of galaxy facts accompany a brief, half-page description of types of galaxies. A good, quick overview for ages 9–11.

Stars and Galaxies (Look Into Space)
Jon Kirkwood, 1999, Copper Beech, ISBN 0761309179
In this book for ages 9–12, Kirkwood offers a section on galaxies that investigates how they are formed, as well as different types and shapes of galaxies. Several good experiments and demonstrations are offered, along with colorful illustrations and images.

The Milky Way and Other Galaxies 
Gregory Vogt, 2000, Raintree, ISBN 0739831070
In Vogt’s book, designed for ages 10–14, well-annotated galactic images abound in addition to comprehensive information about galaxies in general, as well as our own Milky Way galaxy.

The Celestial River:  Creation Tales of the Milky Way
Andrea Stenn Stryer, 1998, August House Publishers, ISBN 0874835291
Stryer offers ages 10–13 a compilation of folk tales from around the world about how the Milky Way was formed.

Seymour Simon, 1999, Bt Bound, ISBN 0833580531
In this clear, easy-to-read text Simon offers ages 10–15 a thorough presentation of galaxies in an oversized book replete with breathtaking images of our Milky Way and other galaxies.

Our Vast Home:  The Milky Way and Other Galaxies
Isaac Asimov, 1995, Gareth Stevens Publishing, ASIN 083681195X
Asimov packs a universe of information on everything from star formation to the Milky Way galaxy and our Local Group, to black holes, cannibal galaxies, and the Magellanic Clouds. The pages are filled with photographs and illustrations, and provide a good overview for ages 10–18.

Exploring the Universe:  The Stars and Galaxies
Robin Kerrod, 2002, Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, ISBN 0739828169
Kerrod offers a relatively uncomplicated rendering of complicated subjects, such as Cepheid Variable Stars, magnitudes of brightness, and eclipsing binaries for amateur stargazers ages 12 through adult. He presents galaxies and interesting objects found within them along with an excellent glossary, important dates, useful illustrations and images, and a good list of resources for further investigation.

Minding the Heavens
Leila Belkora, 2002, Institute of Physics Publishing, ISBN 0750307307
In her book, Belkora presents adult readers with a fascinating account of how astronomers determined the shape of our own Milky Way Galaxy, and discovered that we are only one of billions of other galaxies in the universe. She shares the interesting biographies of seven astronomers, from the mid 1700s to the mid-twentieth century, and how their contributions helped form our current understanding of the cosmos.

Astronomy of the Milky Way (Box Set)
Mike Inglis, 2994, Springer, ISBN 1852337095
In this two-volume set for the amateur astronomer, Inglis offers a comprehensive tour of the Milky Way. He describes every constellation within it as well as other objects that can be found in the heavens, such as binary stars, planetary nebulae, and supernovae remnants.


David H. Levy’s Guide to the Stars
David H. Levy, 2000, Den Pr, ISBN 1928771017
A good tool for new stargazers ages 12 and older, Levy’s planisphere makes locating night sky objects with accuracy, including the Milky Way, a little less daunting. This oversized star wheel (16” in diameter) is all plastic (making it very durable) and contains useful information on the front and back.

Multiwavelength Milky Way Poster
Order on line at the Multivavelength Milky Way Product Page
Created by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, this impressive view of the Milky Way from ten wavelengths, with a short paragraph accompanying each wavelength image, is available on heavy paper stock and measures 65 cm × 98 cm.

Deep Space Explorer
Imaginova, 2001, ASIN B0000C0ZC5
In this interactive 3-D software from the creators of Starry Night products, viewers can command a starship and journey 700 million light years across space to explore 28,000 galaxies and 30,000 stars. Their starship can speed up, slow down, and change direction at any time, and Internet database links for more information on any subject are provided.