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The Magic School Bus Out of This World: A Book About Space Rocks  
Joanna Cole, 1996, Scholastic, Inc., ISBN 0590921568
 In this fictional account, a teacher and her students travel through space in search of “space rocks.” They encounter comets, meteors, asteroids and more!  Fun and instructional for children ages 5–10.

Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors
Gregory Vogt, 1996, Millbrook Press, ISBN 1562946013
Vogt offers ages 8–12 a thorough introduction to the origins and composition of space rocks and an explanation of their effect on Earth’s history.

Patricia Polacco, 1996, Puffin ISBN 0698114108
A story, written with a twist of humor, based on the factual account of a meteorite landing “smack-dab in the middle of a yard” in Union City, Michigan. Even though it is written for children ages 4–8, Polacco’s  witty spin makes it an enjoyable read for all ages.

Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids
Seymour Simon, 1998, Harper Trophy, ISBN 0688158439
Simon’s book presents basic information for ages 8–10 about meteors, including the difference between meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites. Written in a plain language with large print, the book uses numerous supportive illustrations.

Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors
Robin Kerrod, 2003, Lerner Publications Company, ISBN 0822539055
Kerrod includes recent NASA color images and fun facts in his well-written book about these celestial bodies for ages 9–12.

Comets, Asteroids, and Meteorites (Kaleidoscope:  Space)
Roy A. Gallant, 2000, Benchmark Books, ISBN 0761410341
Gallant’s book for 9–12 year-olds offers an abundance of illustrations and photography of meteors and meteorites, as well as a glossary of important meteor-related terms.

Seeing the Sky:  100 Projects, Activities & Explorations in Astronomy
Fred Schaff, 1990, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0471520934
Schaff devotes an entire section of his book to activities and projects dealing with meteors and comets using household materials for ages 15 and up.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites
O. Richard Norton, 2002, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521621437
Designed for young adult and adult readers (and also as a valuable reference tool for researchers), Norton offers a compendium of information on these extraterrestrial rocks, beautifully illustrated with over 140 full-color images.

Cosmic Phenomena:  Comets, Meteor Showers, Eclipses
Gabriele Vanin, 1999, Firefly Books, ISBN 1552094235
Vanin takes young adults and adults on a well-illustrated tour of these celestial events, drawing on historically significant examples and speculations about future events.

Meteorites:  A Journey Through Space and Time
Alex Bevan, John De Laeter, and J. R. De Laeter, 2002, Smithsonian Books, ISBN 158834021X
This comprehensive book is an expertly guided look at meteorites for young adult and adult readers. The authors trace the path of meteorites from their formation as meteoroids through their long journeys in space to their final destinations.

Meteorites and their Parent Planets
Harry Y. McSween Jr., 1999, Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521587514
McSween weaves a fascinating tale of the amazing deductions that have been made from meteorite analysis, making even topics like geochemistry and meteoritics readable and enjoyable. Intended for adult readers.

Rocks from Space:  Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters
O. Richard Norton, 2003, Mountain Press Publishing Company, ISBN 0878423737
Norton offers a wealth of interesting facts and stories about meteorites and the expeditions to collect and examine them, along with 200 photos, in this easy read for young adults and adults.

Meteors, Meteorites, and Meteoroids (Out of This World)
Ray Spangenburg and Kit Moser, 2002, Franklin Watts, Inc., ISBN 0531155676
In this book for young adults, the authors explore the mysteries of these rocks from space; sidebars include scientific theories, charts, a glossary, and additional resources.

Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids
John Man, 2001, DK Publishing, ISBN 0789481596
Man’s book introduces high school and college students (and younger readers as well) to the role of these  rocks in the evolution of our solar system. Illustrations are accompanied by fact-filled captions that allow even casual readers to gain familiarity with the subject.



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