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The New Solar System: An Epic Adventure, Joseph Campanella, 1995, Finley-Holiday Films, ASIN 6303386652 
In a journey through the solar system, using computer generated graphics, images from NASA, and even a few animations viewers of all ages will behold the most breathtaking sites in our solar system as well as gain up-to-date facts about all the planets and other objects in our solar family.

Standard Deviants - (The Solar System), 2002, Cerebellum Corporation, ASIN B00007G225
The Standard Deviants tour the solar system, exploring the different planets. Style and text are geared to older children, ages 13–16. Also available in Spanish (El Sistema Solar).

Our Solar System, 1998, EVN (Educational Video Network), ASIN B00004SC1G
Explore the wonders of the planets in our solar system.

Quest for Planet Mars, Patrick Stewart, 1992, WQED/Pittsburgh, ASIN 6303084346
Explore the possibilities on a fascinating voyage to Earth's neighbor Mars “the red planet”.

Destiny in Space (IMAX), Gail Singer and Phyllis Ferguson, Directors, 2001, Warner Home Video, ASIN B00008MEPB 
With Leonard Nemoy as narrator, this film was originally done in the IMAX format in 1994, butis now available as a VHS or DVD (although it is most impressive when viewed on a big screen). Though short (37 minutes), this video offers fabulous footage of space, including fly-bys of Venus and Mars.


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