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Evolution of a Star (Starfinder Series #11), Maryland Instructional Technology, 1990
Order on line from NASA CORE or by phone at 866-776-CORE
This PBS show describes the birth, life, and death of low mass and massive stars for ages 13 and up.

The Solar Empire:  A Star is Born, Discovery Communications, Inc., 2002, product #718197
Order on line or by phone at 1-877-900-8830
Children ages 12–18 discover how that star of stars, our Sun, was born and what its eventual destiny will be. Breathtaking graphics will enlighten and mesmerize viewers. Also available in Spanish.

Atlas of the Sky, ImagiNova Corporation, 2003
Order on line from Starry Night Store.
Atlas of the Sky presents viewers with more than 2 1/2 hours of movies featuring illustrations and images of astronomical objects and phenomena. Space scientists provide information on celestial objects and their origins, as well as a multitude of fascinating facts about our galaxy and the cosmos.

Stars and Stardust, Library Video Company, 1997, product #N1525
Order on line at or by phone at 800-843-3620
This video, as seen on The Learning Channel, explains how size determines the path a star will travel and how star deaths can breed new life in a galaxy. Targets ages 13 and up.

All About Stars (ages 5–9, product #K7011); Stars (ages 10–14, product #N6677); Stellar Evolution (Lives of the Stars)(ages 15–18, #N7057) Schlessinger Media, a division of Library Video Company, 1999–2001
Order on line at or by phone at 800-843-3620
What are stars? Why are some stars brighter than others? How does a star die? Schlessinger Media answers these questions and more in videos featuring spectacular NASA footage, clear explanations on all learning levels, and hands-on activities. Teacher’s guides are included with each video.

NOVA:  Runaway Universe, Wgbn Boston Video, 2000, ASIN B000053V73, product #N4212
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NOVA takes viewers on a search for exploding stars, a quest to map out galaxies, and addresses questions about such topics as the fate of the universe. Stunning graphics and a clearly presented narrative are offered in this video for grades 6 through adult.




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