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NASA's Central Operation of Resources (CORE)
CORE offers a complete list of Sun resources for educators, including activities and tools to spark children's investigation of our star. Resources include videos, CDs, and other products.

The Sun, Bill Nye, 1995
Go to Disney Online and search the alphabetical listing for "Sun". In this video for ages 4–18 Bill gives a fast-paced overview of solar flares, eclipses, sunspots, fusion, and other Sun topics.

Library Video Company, 1-800-843-3620, offers a compilation of Sun media products from a variety of sources. Links to state science standards are also provided. Listed below are video/DVD titles along with their order numbers and targeted age groups:

All About the Sun, from Schlessinger Science Library, 1999, V7120
Simple and comprehensive for children ages 5–9.

Sun, from Schlessinger Science Library, 1999, N6678
Children ages 10–14 can explore topics including black holes, light years, and space exploration.

Solarmax (IMAX), from The National Science Foundation & The Museum of Science and Industry, 2000,V0606
Facts about our powerful star are presented for ages 11 to adult.

Savage Sun, from Discovery Channel, 2000, N1786
Technological advances in solar research and the energy of our Sun. For ages 11 to adult.

The Sun — Our Closest Star, from The Learning Channel, 1997, N1524
A look at nuclear fusion within our Sun and its relationship with Earth for children ages 13 to adult.

The Sun and Other Stars, from World Almanac, 2000, N1314
How stars form, their life cycles, and eventual deaths as supernova, neutron stars, or black holes are presented with 3-D graphics that help explain difficult concepts for ages 15 and older.

Our Amazing Sun, from Rainbow Edumedia, 2004, N3111
Fast-paced and replete with graphics, this video delivers a fact-filled overview sans the technical terminology for ages 12–16. 

Program 6: The Sun (from “The Standard Deviants” Series), Cerebellum Corporation, 2002, ISBN 1581987315
A group called the "standard deviants" takes a trip to our Sun to explore sunspots, solar flares, and the fusion process in this educational video for ages 12–16.

American Indian Star Tales
Lynn Moroney, Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Children as well as adults will enjoy these audiocassettes of Native American sky legends told by storyteller Lynn Moroney.

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January 22, 2007