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NASA's Sun-Earth Connection shares discoveries from past and current missions and research, with a focus on the active Sun and its effects on Earth. Abundant resources for educators, children, and the general public.

The Solar-Heliospheric Research Group offers a well-organized, user-friendly Web site with thorough explanations, solar statistics, and a section on solar myths for ages 15 and older.

NASA's StarChild presents space information for both young and older children, with a special section on our Sun. StarChild includes student activities, graphics, a glossary, and is offered in several languages.

NASA's home page (type “Sun” in the search box) is a springboard that will lead viewers of all ages to solar resources such as articles, games, activities, posters, videos, and other resources.

NASA's Space Science Resource Directory is a useful tool for educators, providing lesson plans, curriculum support materials, and an extensive list of Sun resources.

The Planetary Society presents Sun information in a narrative format, including images with solar facts and phenomenon for older children and young adults.

The Stanford Solar Center features news articles, lesson plans (including an "Interview with Mr. Sol”), activities, solar folklore, posters, and other resources. This is a creative and informative site for ages 9–18..

NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) orbiting spacecraft investigates our Sun's structure and dynamic nature. This site shares the latest information about sunspots, space weather, and what is happening inside our nearest star. See the latest pictures of the Sun!

 SolarViews from Calvin J. Hamilton, offers current images of our Sun with pertinent information for college age and adult amateur astronomers.

The National Science Teachers Association (type “Sun” in the search box) shares solar information resources for teachers, high school and college students, and amateur astronomers. It includes lesson plans, teacher guides, a linked glossary, Q & A section, and experiments. Material is also available in Spanish.

How Stuff Works contains a detailed account of "How the Sun Works" and is geared to older children and young adults. Teachers may also find its diagrams, illustrations, and clearly stated overviews helpful.

NASA's Genesis Mission - Search for Origins site provides detailed news and information about the mission, and connects discoveries to the classroom with lesson plans for all grade levels.

Windows to the Universe launches viewers into a variety of Sun topics on all levels. The site is user- friendly and includes a section on Sun myths and stories from around the world.

Savage Sun and A Star is Born offer detailed lesson plans for older children and young adults on fusion and stellar evolution, respectively. Both have corresponding videos, worksheets, puzzles, and quizzes.



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January 22, 2007