Lunar and Planetary Institute


Family Space Day Overview - Space Rocks

Family Space Day is a three hour event. The activities are set up so that children
and parents can select the order in which they undertake activities. Parents and
children are encouraged to learn, play, and explore together.

Objectives of the Day

Children will:

  • learn the difference between a meteoroid, meteor, meteorite, asteroid and
  • compare and contrast the characteristics of meteorites and Earth rocks.
  • explore out what happens to a meteoroid as it moves from outer space to
    Earth’s surface.


Other Materials

Facilitator Information – Meteoroids, Meteors, Meteorites, Asteroids and more
Explore Space Rocks – Book and Website References
All About Space Rocks – A Meteoroid Fact Sheet
Do at Home: Meteor Shower Viewing! – Invite families to night sky viewings
during meteor showers

Make at Home! Edible Asteroids – Whip up your own asteroids with
mashed potatoes


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