Lunar and Planetary Institute

image of the Moon rising over Earth's atmosphereEarth-Moon Institute for Teachers


Agenda of June 2008 Institute

At the Lunar and Planetary Institute
9am – 4pm, June 9-13th, 2008

Advanced work: Moon logs and journal of student’s thoughts about the Moon (preconceived ideas / misconceptions); goals and expectations

Each day ended with assessment of participants’ concerns, anonymous comment cards

Monday:  Earth-Moon statistics and phases

Tuesday: Earth analogs

Wednesday: Formation and Evolution of the Moon

  • Assessment: observations of the Moon’s surface/ what does it mean?
  • Formation talk, video, evidence—powerpoint on lunar geologic history
  • Inquiry-based activity on Moon mineralogy and history:
  • Tour of Johnson Space Center’s Lunar Labs
  • Lunar geography—landing sites
  • Optional Evening observing session

Thursday: Putting It Together

Friday:  History and Future of Lunar exploration