Lunar and Planetary Institute

Mars Revealed:
Evolving Technology, Advancing Science

July 9–13, 2012

Presented at the Lunar and Planetary Institute

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Activity Write-Ups

Pre/Post Assessment

Geoscience Lecture Tutorials*
          Tectonic Plates and Boundaries
          Volcanoes on Other Planets
          Sample of other tutorials

*Full lecture tutorial booklets can be purchased through the publisher, W.H. Freeman, and through

Discovering Plate Boundaries

Modeling Planetary Interiors and Differentiation

Introduction to Spectroscopy Activities (Seeing the Moon)

Mars Match Game

Crater Boxes

Online Impact Cratering Lab
          Print-Out (PDF)

Lava Layering

Stream Tables

Highs and Lows, Floods and Flows
          Teacher Guide
          Student Guide

Dirty Ice or Icy Dirt?
          Teacher Guide
          Student Guide
          Talking Points Slides (PDF)

Exploring Meteorite Mysteries
          Lesson 1 – Noblesville Fall
          Lesson 8 – Edible Rocks

Mars Mystery Rocks

Mars Meteorology
          Mars Phoenix Data Table

Blue Marble Matches
          Teacher Guide
          Student Guide
          Earth Features: Review Images
          Explore Cards
          Earth Feature Cards
          Planetary Feature Cards

          Data Sets Overview Sheet
          Maps by Instrument
          Additional Tools

Mars Science Lab Landing Site Selection

Mars Science Lab Landing Site Selection Suggested Data Sets



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