Lunar and Planetary Institute

Mars Revealed:
Evolving Technology, Advancing Science

July 9–13, 2012

Presented at the Lunar and Planetary Institute

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Data/Mission Summary Packets

BIG Telescopic Mars

BIG Viking Mars Global Image

Telescopic Mars from Lowell Observatory (Posted with permission from the Lowell Observatory Archives, Flagstaff, AZ. Please give credit when using.)

Mars Temperatures, Petit & Nicholson (1924)

Mariner 4 Data Summary

Mariner 6 & 7 Data Summary

Mariner 9 Data Summary

Viking Data Summary
         Meteorology Data—Direct from Mars!

Mars Global Surveyor Data Summary

Mars Pathfinder Data Summary
      Pathfinder Meteorology Data
         Mars Pathfinder Science Results: Atmospheric & Meteorological Properties
         Weather Reports from Pathfinder
         Meteorology Data--Direct from Mars!

Mars Odyssey Data Summary

Mars Exploration Rovers (MER) Data Summary

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Data Summary

Mars Phoenix Data Summary


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