Lunar and Planetary Institute

Mars Revealed:
Evolving Technology, Advancing Science

July 9–13, 2012

Presented at the Lunar and Planetary Institute

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Plate Tectonics

Martian Mineralogy – Dr. Liz Rampe (JSC)

Mars Basics

Early Exploration

Early Exploration: Mariner 4 – Mariner 9

Impact Craters


Exploring Mars: The Inside Story – Dr. Walter Kiefer (LPI)

Early Exploration: Viking

Modern Exploration: Mars Global Surveyor

Modern Exploration: Mars Pathfinder

Modern Exploration: Mars Odyssey

Modern Exploration: Mars Exploration Rovers (MER)

Modern Exploration: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
         Briny Water Flows GIFF (You must have this file on your computer in addition to the PPT for the animation to work.)

Modern Exploration: Mars Phoenix   

Modern Exploration: Mars Science Laboratory (165 MB!!)
         ChemCam Testing Video
         MSL Animation Trailer

NASA Desert RATS – John Gruener (JSC)
          Gruener 2012 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Poster
          Beyond Low Earth Orbit

Terrestrial Life in Space: What Can We Learn From Cells? – Dr. Neal Pellis (USRA – Division of Space Life Sciences)



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