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Cracking Up: Plate Tectonics, Volcanism, and the Structure of the Earth

Rock Cycle Resources

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Activities we are doing today include portions of “The Scoop on Moon Dirt

Texas Bureau of Economic Geology
Resources – Texas geologic, tectonic, oil resources, and geography maps (and others!) are available for purchase

Geological Highway Map of Texas

United States Geologic Survey

Exploring Earth
Some great visualizations, including a wonderful series that demonstrates how we have modeled Earth’s interior structure using seismic waves.

Rock Cycle
This interactive includes information and matching activities involving types of rocks, how rocks change, and rock cycle diagrams.

Black Hawk College Geology Labs
These labs include interactive online rock and mineral identification activities, and plate tectonic activities.
Contains photos and descriptions of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks

Geology 101 at Georgia Perimeter College
Scroll down for links to a variety of lecture notes, on minerals, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic rocks, and more.  Nice overview of terms and processes. Approximate target; teacher background.

Rock Identification Key
This site has details on a variety of common rocks and steps the user through a key to identify the rock.

Resources for Teaching Geophysics (and Earth Science) in the 21st Century
GREAT animations and visualizations for plate tectonic, volcanism, seismicity… you have to poke around a bit to get at complete activities. Use the left nav bar to get visualizations
   Plate Tectonics

BBC Education Online
Nice interactive image of the rock cycle

Earth Science Explorer - Rock Cycle
Nice overview, not comprehensive; teacher notes don't add much. Approximate target: middle school.

Digital Library for Earth Systems Education
Lots of tried and true activities. You will have to poke around; don’t go here if it’s 2:00 am and you need an activity for the next morning.  You can search by type of product (activity, curriculum, laboratory, animation, etc), grade level, and standard.  All vetted by classroom teachers. Be sure to look at some of the undergrad materials; these may be appropriate for your classroom.

Earth Observing System
Great global datasets that can be plotted and compared.  Good for global change over the past few decades, not necessarily for long-term change.

Videos by Dr. Richard Alley/ Penn State
Rollin' to the Future
Down Doo Bee Doo
Submarine Beaches
Rocking Around the Silicates

Science Bulletins
Updates, articles, images, and information about current geologic events

American Geophysical Union

The American Geological Institute
Great classroom lesson ideas and resources

Geological Society of America

Lunar and Mars Soil Simulant can be ordered from Planet LLC

NASA Solar System Ambassadors – Texas