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Science and exploration are not static activities. A significant effort is constantly needed to keep material used in universities up-to-date. Thus, team scientists working with university faculty are designing new graphics to be used in classrooms. The Center for Lunar Science and Exploration will update and add resources to this page as new science and exploration concepts are developed. 

The illustrations are subdivided into several topics (below).  If you click on a topic, a new page will pop up with a complete inventory of illustrations available for that topic.  Instructional captions are provided with each illustration.


Bombardment of Planetary Surfaces Bombardment of Planetary Surfaces Impact Melt Production Impact Melt Production
Impact Crater Formation Impact Crater Formation Asteroids and Comets Asteroids and Comets
Impact Crater Morphology Impact Crater Morphology Lunar Surface Geology Lunar Surface Geology
Impact Cratering Mechanics Impact Cratering Mechanics Planetary Interiors Planetary Interiors
Impact Ejecta Impact Ejecta Lunar Radiation Environment Lunar Surface Environment
Shock Metamorphism and Impact Lithologies Shock Metamorphism and
Impact Lithologies
Lunar Rover Lunar Exploration
    Earth-Moon Dynamics


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Kepler crater

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