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MESSENGER Mission Images and Supporting Activities

Check here for NASA mission and space science updates to share with children.

MESSENGER Mission Images and Supporting Activities

Postby laconte » Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:13 pm

NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft aims to unravel the history and evolution of the planet nearest the Sun, Mercury. It is the first to orbit Mercury, and its instruments are returning images that are being used to map the planet's surface. You and your audiences may enjoy perusing the gallery of MESSENGER images at or watching a documentary about the MESSENGER mission at

Explore Mercury in your programs with the following activities:

What’s a Planet?, Mercury on a String, Impact Craters!, and Living on Mercury ... s/mercury/
Ages 5-8

Jump Start: Jupiter! (a scale model of the planets in our solar system, including tiny Mercury and mighty Jupiter) ... jumpStart/
Ages 8-13
Or, for younger children, Hopping Across the Solar System: ... ping.shtml
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