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Creating a 1 1/2 hour program with Jupiter's Family Secrets

Network with other children's program providers and discuss strategies for bringing space science to children on this board. Share successful programming ideas or models to help inspire others!

Creating a 1 1/2 hour program with Jupiter's Family Secrets

Postby laconte » Wed May 19, 2010 10:36 am

I had an interesting inquiry via email that I wanted to share with you all. What ideas do you have in mind for your library? Any suggestions?

The one thing that I would find useful that I didn't see would be an option that combined some of the most interesting activities into one program, lasting maybe an hour and a half. It isn't likely that we will have the staff to put on a whole series of programs, and I think that is probably true of a lot of libraries. Also, it is generally easier to get kids to come to one program than to commit to a series of programs. I was thinking of going through the activities and picking out several of them; I am a bit concerned about the fact that a lot would have to be left out, and it is still important to make the program cohesive.

I know the activities are aimed at ages 9-13, but in my libraries I am probably going to end up opening it up to a wider age range, as I did with the moon program. (One mother actually wanted to sign up her toddler!) I did something similar to Jump to Jupiter with my own kids when the youngest was not yet in kindergarten, and they all enjoyed it. I wonder if more of the activities might appeal to a somewhat broader age range than specified.
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