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Grant: NASA-themed science, technology, engineering or math

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Grant: NASA-themed science, technology, engineering or math

Postby laconte » Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:15 pm

The NASA Office of Education invites proposals from informal education institutions -- such as libraries, observatories, planetariums, science-technology centers, nature centers, and national, state and local parks -- via the Competitive Program for Science Museums, Planetariums and NASA Visitor Centers Plus Other Opportunities (CP4SMP+), Announcement Number NNH13ZHA001N. Proposers may request a grant or cooperative agreement to support NASA-themed science, technology, engineering or mathematics education, including exhibits, within these congressionally directed topics: space exploration, aeronautics, space science, Earth science or microgravity. CP4SMP+ is a competitive, high-quality, national program.

Eligible institutions are established or chartered in order to enhance learning and or engagement and must be located in the United States or its Territories. See the NRA for full eligibility requirements.

Proposals must be submitted electronically via the NASA proposal data system NSPIRES or Due April 9, 2013.

For more information about this opportunity, view the open solicitations on the NSPIRES website and select NNH13ZHA001N.
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