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Resource: "A User's Guide to the Universe" Videos Online

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Resource: "A User's Guide to the Universe" Videos Online

Postby laconte » Wed Mar 13, 2013 5:09 pm

Archived versions of the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Cosmic Exploration Lecture Series are available online. We recommend viewing the following series on the topic “A User's Guide to the Universe: You Live Here. Here's What You Need to Know.”

Big Bang Theory: The Three Pillars (video: ... igBang.pdf)
November 15, 2011
Dr. Dragan Huterer, University of Michigan

Dark Energy: A Universe Out of Control (video: ... /Suntzeff/)
January 31, 2013
Dr. Nicholas Suntzeff, Texas A&M University

Biography of the Milky Way (video: ... s/Bullock/)
February 28, 2013
Dr. James Bullock, University of California
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