Hope for the Future


fighting words, everyone's misled
as wars rage on with so many dead
and you couldn't blame them when they said
they faced their futures with uncertain dread

and while things went like this on Earth
three astronauts watched, from a great distance
they hadn't felt so alone in space since birth
it made them think hard about this existence

they noticed that Earth was so small in space
one planet among thousands of others
they asked, why is everyone in such an arms race?
we're all on the same planet, we're brothers!

and they said, maybe in the future, people will see
that we're all in this together.
him and her, you and me, alone in the galaxy,
we're all birds of a feather.

many years passed with many more astronauts
all thinking the same thing
and though the world wasn't Camelot
life seemed to be on the upswing

because they'd seen beyond trivial Earth...
to Mars, red like blood, and war
Jupiter, majestic with moons galore
between them, the asteroid belt all chaotic
Saturn, beautiful rings so hypnotic
next, Uranus tipped over on its side
Neptune, blue because he's lord of the tide
and the dwarfs, Pluto, dark and small
Charon, not much tinier at all

and still we could go beyond and discover more
so what are you all waiting for?