To the Moon and Beyond


As Astronauts wondered what was out there
the journey to the moon was a dare.
The Russians and Americans, to the moon did race.
Men's great-adventure was in space!

They had to leave their wives.
To the outer reaches of the universe, they risk their lives.
As Americans wondered in gloom
Neil Armstrong was on the moon!

The N.A.S.A travelled through space, what did they find?
They uncovered mysteries to last a lifetime!
Men asked how far we shall go.
To see our planet neighbours you know.

To see mysteries beyond their notions.
Space is alive with motion.
What would they look for; would they uncover?
Discovering the universe takes a lot of manpower.

As they explore, they discern much at night.
The days being filled with sounds and sights!
As they wonder, what they are
they see, speeding light and fiery stars!

They have travelled to the far-reaches of Pluto.
They get a close look at our solar system as they go.
Astronauts see thousands of rocky Asteroids as they explore.
Dozens of satellites and comets galore!

They see theories of ancient Astronomers their faces do glow!
It's an exciting journey, you must know!
They travelled through the universe in all its magic and glory.
The mysteries of the universe, is an amazing story.

We might discover more,
All the way to the core!
As the cold war continues,
Secrets about space will make the news!

A whole new and safe home over there?
Or find a rare mineral in Jupiter?
Gather the rings on Saturn are generators of electricity?
Or any other eccentricity!
The wisdom might save Earth from an approaching asteroid,
And help mankind to fill petty voids
What more will they find?
To fill up empty spaces in the mind!!!!!!!!!!!!