Exploring the Planets


Manned Space Mission

It is one of the greatest dreams of humankind. Exploring the space is full of excitement and adventure for all of us and it is probable that in the future we will explore the space. Even this probability makes us feel excited...

Exploring the Planets

Year 2300. It is a year when manned space mission can be done. The technology is advanced and people begin to explore the space.

Four people in the Smith Family are getting prepared for their first experience of manned space flight. It will be next week. They celebrate that event and give the news to their friends. Every second increases their curiosity because they are going to discover the space!

Father Jason, Mother Jesse, their son Rich and daughter, the youngest of all Julia did not expect such an excursion, in fact. MSMP (Manned Space Mission Presidency) made a sweepstake and sold the coupons all over the world. Only twenty family would have the chance of space flight. James even did not know the sweepstake. One day, when he was returning home from work, he saw a piece of newspaper on his road. It reads: “20 lucky family will go to space. You may be one of them!” He thought that people were overstating manned space flight. But after a while, he thought how much happy his kids would be if they became one of these 20 families. He decided to buy a coupon. He drived his flying skateboard and set the navigation to MSMP. After ten seconds, he was there to buy a coupon! He chose the coupon which would give great excitement or nothing to them. The serial number
of the coupon was in his mind: 44–3–78–12.

He went home and showed the coupon to his family. They were all surprised. He said that he would carry the coupon in his pocket in order not to lose it.

Next morning, after breakfast, he went out for going to work. He got on his flying skateboard.

There was heavy traffic on the air. Many people were driving ther flying skate-boards to go to work. Suddenly, Jason crashed into another skate-board. There was nothing injured and they said “sorry” to each other. When Jason came home he could not find the coupon in his pocket. The coupon was lost at the moment of traffic accident. Her wife tried to console him and offered to buy another coupon but it was too late: That night MSMP would announce
the winners!

They carefully watched the news. They were not among the first 14 winner families. And
then 15, 16, 17... But 18! The eighteenth winner’s serial number was 44-3-78-12! How could they show that this code was their coupon’s code?

Next day, they saw the shocking news on TV. A mysterious man said: “I found the coupon number 44–3–78–12 on my way home. Who is the true owner of this winner coupon? I did not buy any coupon because I did not want to have space flight. Now I am searching the true
owner.” Jason felt very happy and immediately went to the TV channel.

He was shocked when he saw the crowd in front of the building. Many people came claiming that they were the owner. President of MSM decided to look at the records. It was seen in the records that Jason was the one who bought the coupon with serial number 44–3–78–12. The man gave the coupon to Jason. The family was very happy again.

However, they thought that the man who found the coupon also deserved the space flight
because he was honest. He could have gone himself but he did not. He searched for the true owner. They decided to give the coupon to the man.

Smith Family met with the man to give the coupon. First, they thanked him a lot for his honesty. Then, they offered the coupon to the man. He said “I do not want to have space flight. I even did not buy a coupon for myself.” The family was all surprised. How does a person reject such an exciting experience? They asked him the reason. The mysterious man turned to them and said: “I do not need to explore the space. I do not even wonder. Because I am from space, I am an alien! I want to explore your world, that is why I am here!”