Space it Out


The birth of the morning lifted Sam Jackson from his Sunday morning beauty sleep. A red-eyed Jackson was greeted by his personal assistant, Nanny, an American automaton who was a common sight in Rodriguez neibourhood. Jackson sighed as his automatic bath tub scrubbed him with soap. The dreaded day had come. He had to face the music. He had to bring his 12-year old son to the most expensive amusement park in the galaxy Alpha Sentori.

Sam walked out of his house with Frank who was reading from a brochure and occasionally blurting out 'cool' for parts of the park that caught his attention. Sam, on the other hand was trying to fish out his keys from his pocket. Finally he found it and punched a red button which evoked the whirring of his F18-E Super Hornet. He got into his spaceship and activated the radar. It confirmed a jam in Eris which did not come as a shock to Jackson. Eris was the planet located in the heart of the galaxy. It was always busy with shoppers buying groceries, meat etc.

Sam watched bored, as his son attempted the spaceship blasting ride the tenth time. Frank had been unsuccessful in destroying the ships with sniper laser rifles in all of his previous attempts. Yet again he failed. He came to Sam, storm faced, and asked for more money to try the ride again. However, Sam had enough and instead steered his son to a roller coaster ride which ran through Jupiter. They got in and wore special masks to provide them oxygen. The roller coaster ran through lakes and a specially designed volcano which would spew candies instead of lava. Sam, who secretly was fond of sugar, grabbed a handful.

After the ride Sam grabbed lunch and they headed to Santa's workshop to buy toys for Frank. They arrived there to find the jet park full. They parked illegally, Sam praying that no snooty policeman should come by. They entered the shop where Frank loaded the jet-packed shopping cart with a variety of virtual games. The system would scan the player who would appear on the screen as the main character, allowing them to do things like slashing a sword, driving a jet or even firing a rifle.

As night dawned Sam and Frank arrived home. Both rushed to their deluxe soft beds which provided light massages to relax a person's body while he or she slept peacefully. Late at night Sam woke to the whirring of his spaceship which he had forgotten to switch off. He pulled out his remote, aimed it at his ship and pressed a red button which eased the sound and allowed Sam to go to sleep.

Just another average day in the life of a man and the year was 3000.