Space–The Future Base



Human space exploration has a long way to go. Nobody has gone beyond the earth’s orbit. The space exploration will lead to find out the existence of life. ROBOTS and specially designed space crafts have already started the exploration process.

“Human space exploration process will lead to unite people of different nations to come together and work together for the betterment of the human species”.

We can eradicate scarcity by finding out the resources from space objects and bringing them to the earth, by the way poverty can be fully eradicated and people can live in peace.

Artificial Living in space

Living in space is more possible with respect to Moon and Mars, by creating recycling or production of oxygen and water which are essential for the human species. This is not only in Moon and Mars but also artificial living spaces can be made for human to live in.

Even the resorts and tourists spots can be created artificially in space which will enhance the possibility of space tourism.

No difference in space

Space community can be formed with Moon and Mars as a base. This community will aim at prosperity and peaceful living which will not have any difference based on color, caste, and social status. This Community’s individuals will have equal rights and there will be no question of terrorism or war.

Physiological & Psychological adaptation to live in space

Physiological & Psychological changes can be made in such a way that human species can adapt itself to live in space without any artificial extra fittings which is always possible by the genetic engineering. If this revolutionary step is going to work out then, colonizing in space will be very easy.

“Without this, living in space will be a tough task”

A Baby born in space will never have the same behavior as the baby born on earth. The baby born in space will always have its difference both physically and psychologically with that of a baby born on earth.

Sometimes the human baby born in space and brought up in the space situation can always be called as an ‘alien’.

So, genetical adaptation will always have to play a vital role in the concept of humans living in space.

Space as a base

The human community has come together to form the International Space Stations (ISS) which will carry out many investigations and exploration of the space. “Soon, the space shuttle will be leaving to Mars from the space station”. An advanced step in this expedition might be an improved and longer stay than as it is now.

Rescue spots in space

From the space separate patrolling satellite can be used exclusively to watch or to curb the terrorist activities. All the airports and public places can be connected not only to the bases on the earth but also to the bases in space, for better surveillance and control.

In case of any emergency in the sky, for the jet planes and other planes, these spots in space can act as the rescue spots.

Travelling between stars

Worm holes are conduits connecting one region of space to the other region. These conduits will help to travel with the velocity of light. Once we enter the worm holes, it is as if we have entered a different world. If this is true, then travelling between the stars becomes easily possible.

Travelling with higher speed in space

The X-33 which is being developed by NASA as commercial ware space industry using a revolutionary engine design called an “Aero spike” will travel at 19,000 kph to an altitude of 90 km.

Search in all directions

Certainly in other planets or other different galaxies there will be living species which may be superior to the human species. Sending a space craft with the details and picture description about our planet and human species may reveal to them our way of life. Sending up of these kinds of messages or the signals only in one direction might not be enough, it has to be executed in all directions and several space crafts have to be used for this purpose. Definitely one day we will communicate with an extraterrestrial creature, though it may sometimes prove harmful to human species.

Protecting our earth

Researches are going on regarding studying of air quality, climatic changes, alternative energy and the objects which are moving near earth and some day, they will have direct catastrophic effect on earth. Steps are being taken to enhance the research and perfect scanning of those objects and their conditions with respect to earth, which will be useful to save the human species altogether, one day.


I have put forth the answers for the questions that arose in my mind. Through knowledge that I gained by the curiosity which was invoked by my inspirational astronaut Ms.Sumitha Williams and also the contents and photos of the book from NASA.

“Really the credit of all these awareness about space and interest in me, to become an astronaut in the future, goes to NASA. Not only in me but to the millions of children all over the world”. Hats off to the extra ordinary inspirational work of NASA!

I really appreciate those who are working for NASA, the astronauts who have sacrificed their lives, for the sake of the curiosity that they had towards space exploration, which will save all the human species and reduce our sufferings to make “Earth, our mother planet” a better and peaceful place to live in.

“I could see God in every one of them”.

“I strongly believe that in future the space will be the base which will connect the Earth and the rest of the Universe and also a base for better and peaceful living”.

Thanks to the NASA team for giving me and all other children an opportunity to do our might on this most interesting topic.