Into the Glorious Future We Go


Flames billowed through the clouds of haze,

The iridescent conflagration of fire burned with zealous blaze.

And from the smoldering flames arose,

The work of a generation that glided into the air,

Lighting up the cerulean sky with an ethereal glow.

The silver ship that held the hopes of a nation left the planet covered in blue,

Its inhabitants working frantically as the rocket flew.

For the purpose of this mechanical apparatus's life,

Was to find any planets that could sustain humanity's light,

In the infinite and star illuminated black chasm of night.

In 1969 when history was made,

The industry of Space became our new trade.

From NASA to the ISS to the new inventions created,

It seemed as though the era of space would out do all other ages.

Yet forty-one years later, the future of space is rife with strife,

Full of peril and without hope, its once unthinkable end now in sight.

But there is always hope.

For like a phoenix, the era of space will rise once more,

Heralding in a new Golden Age that will sustain forever more.

The future for space travel is filled with possibilities,

From space colonization to the many technological discoveries.

The space program holds a position of the utmost importance for the world as a


As it could lead to the future worlds that we might one day call home.

The possibilities are endless,

The opportunities are infinite.

The future is in our hands,

And it is ours to mold and shape.

The Golden Age of Space has arrived,

And as long as we have the hope, the will, and the strength to strive,

Then together we can continue to make this program survive.