The Glorious Cavern


The cavernous darkness abounds, Rich with twinkling stars, Like tiny pearls in an ocean of black.

Riddled with stars, Dotted with planets, Shrouded in mystery...

The depths of space never end, Like an endless shawl studded with pearls Wrapped around planets.

The layman stares, The astronaut observes, The child delights.

All with awe, At the majesty, And the mystery.

Nothing has intrigued man more than this Black envelope Addressed to all who wish to explore its mysteries.

From the exploits of Apollo 11, To the ambitions of space agencies, To the gleaming rockets probing the frontiers of the world.

The silvery craft nears the planet, The astronauts breathless With excitement and awe.

The ship breaks through the atmosphere, Like a silver arrow piercing a membrane And the humans are speechless.

The rocky landscape glows in the setting sun, And the humans disembark, Feeling more excited than they've ever had.

The sense of adventure, To wonderful new realms... Strange new planets.

Even as the fragile Earth, Struggles from pollution, We probe the universe…

For a new planet, A new galaxy, A new universe... A new home, a brand-new life.