Next Golden Age of Human Space Flight


The future of space flight is broad, undiscovered, and mysterious, but many people have clues to predict what it will be. I believe that space flight is important and should be continued. Space should be traveled for various reasons.

One reason to continue the Space Exploration Program is that we will learn about space increasing the knowledge for resources. A part of human nature is curiosity. The more we travel in space the more we want to know. The knowledge gained from space help us in the future. When we obtain knowledge, we can use it to apply to the real world for our benefit. From space, we can find another planet that can support life. And if the people overcrowd on Earth, then we can move to the new planet to survive. This way, humans can survive when something devastating happens to Earth.

Also in space, we can find ways to help the human society in the medical field. In space, there could be cures for diseases we have today. In space, there could be ways to improve the health of humans that we have not yet discovered. On other life-sustaining planets, there might be plants that can cure diseases that we have taken years to try to overcome.

A third reason to continue the Space Exploration Program is so we can find other living organisms to communicate with and learn from. These creatures can teach us many things and we can do the same. By learning from other creatures we can achieve many goals and increase our knowledge of the universe.

The future of the space program is based on how important people think it is. The more important the space program is to us humans, then the more support and encouragement there will be to continue it. If important reasons were expressed to the public, then more people would understand to support and continue the program.