Cheating Fate


It was a hot and humid summer day and I was resting in the cool shades of my backyard. I happened to see an ant. It was such a small and fragile creature. With one step I could crush its life instantly. It would be a swift, mechanical task that I wouldn’t happen to think twice about. After all it was just an ant, something that bared no significance in my life. A slight breeze ruffled my hair and the shades vanished. I felt a warm light sweep over me. Oh yes there it was. It was the sun. After all we’re only earth, a small dot in the path of that enormous glowing ball. We're only humans, such fragile creatures. The sun could destroy us in an instant. Who am I kidding? We are going to destroy us before the sun does. As fragile as we may seem, we’re just as destructive.

We only concern ourselves with impractical things. And these impracticalities are what make us who we are today. We've destroyed earth and all that it has to offer for the sake of our useless search for excessive comfort. We’re ignorant, immoral creatures. While some of us realize the extent of our destruction, most don’t. There will soon come a day where Earth will no longer we able to repair the damage that we have caused. Where will we go to next? Mars? The moon? Of course not. Living in a rocky barren red planet will be little use to us if any. The moon is out of question and the other planets in our solar system are as well. It’s such a pity. We’ve gained so much information, and so much knowledge about outer space during our existence so far, but most of the information will do us no good at all. Jupiter is a massive gas planet, with tremendous pressure as you get closer to the center. Well, that’s great but why do I care? What good is it going to do to us? Sure, it’s an interesting fact but it's quite useless.

Each year billions of dollars are being spent on expensive missions, so that robots could seek out data on a crowd of floating rocks or soil from barren empty planets. Well, of course information such as that will give us a source of new facts, but in the long run what good does it really do? The true significant facts still remains floating in space, waiting to be found, and it’s up to us to find them. As destructive and ignorant as we are, we are our only hope. We’ve come so far from where we used to be, and there's no reason we can't continue. We may never be a perfect utopian civilization, we’re still going to get upset over our impractical affairs and bombard each other with deadly bombs. We’re still going to laugh at each other’s miseries. We’re still human beings but we need to set new goals.

So what exactly are these new goals going to be? They all lead back to one key element and that is outer space. Outer space is beautiful as it is dangerous. And alas it is that one aspect that holds us back from exploring space as much as we want to. Pause for a moment though. 1000 years ago we would have never thought possible, the invention of computers, or I-pads, or cell-phones. Humans were meant for creative thinking. 1000 years from now, who knows what kind of technology we could come up with? Perhaps, we could have even invented technology that allows us to explore space despite the harsh conditions that inhabit it. Yes that is the big picture: space colonization. Earth won’t support us for much long. It could go one of 2 ways: one, we destroy Earth by our own destructive means, or two the Earth roasts to crisps when the Sun bloats out to become a red giant. Either way, our species of humans is destined to vanish forever. How terrible is that thought? It makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. If we somehow managed to find another planet that has conditions comfortable for us to live in then all of our problems vanish instead of us. We have a second chance. We would have found it. Our species will survive. We would have cheated fate