Back to Brightness


    Having a cup of coffee in hand, I sat by the round window and gazed into the boundless darkness outside—the space. Planets gleamed like smooth and moisten pebbles lying in the silk of darkness, and even the huge ones seemed tiny.
     It was unbelievable that in space, I could walk as freely in spaceship as on earth with neither oxygen mask nor spacesuit. This was because of the gravity device and the thick insulation board. The gravity device could automatically adjust the gravitational force the floor had on other things in the ship in order to simulate an earth-like environment, while the thick insulation board wrapped the ship and provided oxygen, so that we can breathe freely in the ship.
     However, an ordinary high school student like me could not create any of these hi-tech devices above. They came out of my grandpa's hands. Grandpa was an environmentalist and astronomer. He devoted his whole life to environmental and astronomical research, which made people who could not understand his studies call him "madman".
     "Hey. What's in mind?" Qiao's voice pulled me back into reality. He was my best friend, and so was Bin.
     "I guess it's your grandpa again, right? Still can't get the meaning of his words?" I didn't reply. A piece of memory occupied my mind.


     Three months ago, there was a rare global plague on earth,and it was caused by variant mosquitoes. Because of people's needs of improving their life, all kinds of environment problems broke out. The environment became worse and worse, and causing the chemicals on the variant mosquitoes mixed and reacted and generated a strange material which was unknown to people, even doctors or scientists couldn't find the way to cure this until now.
     Grandpa passed away a month ago because of the plague. When collecting his remains, I found a thick notebook with words written on the last page, "always hidden behind the sunshine, the ranger slumbers towards the sunrise." Wondering what it means, I put the notebook aside and then some specimens of extinct insects drew my attention. One very special insect could radiate with blue lights. It had a weird name, "Alpha Worm", which grandpa marked in red. These strange insects reminded people to protect the earth all the time, but the reality was not good.
     The first time I truly got to know grandpa's research was the second week after his death. I was looking for something in the basement that day, when opening a door in the basement by mistake. This door belonged to grandpa's laboratory. Wondering what the inside was like, I went into the room and was shocked — I've never known that grandpa's laboratory was as vast as a playground.
     Grandpa's laboratory was extremely dark and cold. It suddenly reminded me of the strange words in grandpa's notebook. This laboratory in the basement was the one hiding behind the sunshine, wasn't it? Then who would be "the ranger"?
     I looked around, and saw a point marked in green on a map of the space. It was shining faintly in the darkness. I looked at it carefully and found out that it was a button, and next to it, was written "the ranger"! So explicit!
     I pressed the button with great excitement and then something amazing happened. The basement shaked and rifts appeared on the eastern wall of the basement. Not long later, a huge spaceship showed up. A small projector stretched out from the wall, and the image of grandpa appeared.
     He said to me," over these years, I have been studied hard on people and space, environment and nature. Two years ago, I finally found out the universe's secret: the antimatter. This antimatter could counteract with the huge gravitation in the wormhole. With this technology we could realize our dream of visiting other planets. In this way, we would probably be able to find another planet for human beings to live. Also, we can learn from aliens when we have problems that we can't solve. However, my research had to stop because a serious plague recently. In order to find the solution for the plague, I shelved the shuttle's research. I found that this treatment is very simple, but it lacks of a key material, that is..." the Image suddenly disappeared.
     After I got out of father's lab, I tried to persuade my father to come to see grandfather's study. But he refused immediately. I was really angry with him to be a despotism dictator. As a result, I called two of my best friends, An Qiao and Su Bin, to go to the space with me by the spaceship that my grandfather had prepared for me. We used the antimatter in the spaceship so that we were able to go through the wormhole. Then we left the earth and began to look for the way which my grandpa had said to cure the plague. Although I didn't know where to find the way clearly, I believed in my grandpa's words.


     "Di di" the sound interrupted my memory. Suddenly Bin shouted, "Look! What's wrong?" I rushed there, and saw that the screen was red, "The program is wrong!" I saw these words, "What's this?" I thought. We were only high school students. Although we had been trained, we had never started a spaceship before. The situation made us worried. When the spaceship stopped moving, I thought "we are over!" the last thing I knew was that the spaceship fell down.
     When I woke up, Qiao and Bin was awake. We put on the spacesuits and went outside.
     To our surprise, this place looked like earth. It had mountains, rivers ,and even animals. However, the sky was purple, as if pressing the mountains. in addition, there wasn't any people. "Look, there are so many bugs over there!" Qiao cried of surprise. "We'd better stay away from them." Bin said with a little terrify. "Oh, take it easy! They are just bugs, which are quite common." I looked at Bin with smile, and then I looked at the bugs carefully. I was surprised to find that there was a bright blue light inside them. "Well, I guess... Ha, we've found it!" I said with excitement. "What?" asked Qiao. "I found the α bug that my grandpa had mentioned!" "Will it cure the plague?" "I'm not sure, but I'll take it with us first." I kept the alpha worms in a transparent bottle. I just caught a few of them, but that's enough.
     We went back into the ship, trying to find solution. Unexpectedly, I found that the grandfather left another video, in which he described in detail how the ship may occurrence breakdown. Following his instruction, we fixed the shuttle. Thankfully, this star was not desolate. We could find many common resources, added good rocket fuel and water, bring alpha worm, we found the entrance to the wormhole.

Crossing over from the wormhole, we looked out from the window

     Crossing over from the wormhole, we looked out from the window. Surprisingly, we went in a space that we had never been to before. It was a beautiful view, but with a feeling of loneliness.
     "It seems that we are not far away from the Earth. Where are we exactly?"
"Let's try universe navigator. I hope that it has the map we need." Qiao said and opened the navigation device. After a while, the data appeared on the screen. "Great! We are not far away from the Earth, because there is a detailed data on this space." Just then, a sudden flash showed on the screen from the help icon, but disappeared only seconds later. Bin looked worried. "Look, there's someone putting flares! It's right on the nearest of the sinking in the golden planet!" Qiao exclaimed, "The data said that the star is called Sunset Glow." we landed our spaceship on the golden planet.
     When we landed on the land, we saw a spaceship in the shape of a part of a train. The damage was so severe that it was impossible to repair the ship. Down the ship, we saw a little girl. She looked no different with the human, but the neck has a pair of small silver transparent wings. "Hi, are you the only one here?" we asked. Holding a small square box, the girl spoke, and the sound came out from the box: "Nice to meet you, friends on Earth. I'm Viola. I'm ten years old, from Cleste Star. "We shook our hands warmly. "This little box is a translator. I have entered the language from the earth, so the translator can help us communicate."
     Viola took us to the "train" side, she said: "Last week I sneaked out, driving Dad's ship out to play. But I accidently pressed a wrong button. Then, my ship fell on the Dayspring. " "Maybe you should be careful next time." All of us laughed.
     "Viola, you've been waiting for a long time, haven't you?" Bin asked. "Yes. The Signal transmission equipment broke a little bit, so it can only send a very weak signal. I felt despair because the patrol cannot find here! I waited for someone to pass by, fortunately, I met you!" Viola took out a map of the universe and told us: "That green planet, over there, is the star I come from, named Celeste. There are endless forests and beautiful lakes. I live at a primitive mountain, with a variety of plants and animals living freely. The air is so clean all year round ..."
      "Ah, isn't that what we are pursuing for in the world?" I sighed. "Unfortunately, although many people have tried to change the global environment, highly skilled criminals are always greedy. In order to bring their own benefits, they destroyed our forests and fields so seriously that they would never change back "Bin dejected. Thinking of the yellow soil exposed our land, thinking our brethren are suffering from great pain of the strange illnesses, the three of us said in unison: "Viola, We are going to send you back to Celeste as soon as possible, and then we will quickly set off to look for a way to save our friends on the Earth. "Thank you very much." said Viola.
     Viola sat in our ship. Bin told she all about the strange illness. Girls listened surprisingly, finally she said: "Oh, I know about this disease. My parents work in the Institute of Medicine on our planet, they also got involved with the study of this kind of disease. However, we didn't find out the exact solution, either. "We speeded our flight.
     Suddenly, a spaceship appeared in the distance, and it flew towards us directly, it stopped in front of the Tramp and tried to block it. "What's up?" I muttered questioningly. At that time, a call request appeared on the screen. "Dad?" I shouted. "You disappeared these days, where were you? Thanks god, I put a miniature tracker in your clothes. Oh, where did you get this spaceship?" Dad looked angry. "Dad, please listen to me. A few days ago, I saw something from grandpa…"I told my father all of my amazing experiences before I started traveling. But my father just didn't care about it, he said:" His theory again! I said earlier it was impossible! We can't get anything from aliens!" "But, dad..." "No but! Go back home with me immediately!"
     At this time, Viola said:" Sir, they are going to help me to go back to Celeste, maybe you can find some ways to treat the strange disease there..." "And, dad, we just did as grandpa told us to do, we crossed a wormhole and arrived in another star! That's true!" I explained hurriedly. "Alas...There's nothing else to do about you, we don't have a better way about the disease, the only thing I can do is to believe you this time." Dad said reluctantly. "But you should go back home with me when leaving Celeste, there is no need to discuss about that. " Dad entered our spaceship soon.
     "OK! Let me show you the way to Celeste, it won't be too far." Viola sat down and looked ahead. My eyes moved to the map of position, there was a green highlight on the screen. Suddenly, a star appeared on the screen, I raised my head, it was a star with color of blue and green, as our spaceship got closer to the star, all of us couldn't help opening our mouths, the tectonic of the star was almost the same as the earth, the only difference was that the area of green was much bigger than that on our earth, " What's up?" Viola felt strange when she saw that we were surprised, "It is similar to the earth!" Qiao cried. "What are the gases made up of on your star?" Dad asked the girl while he was driving the spaceship. All of us were addicted to the nature that was similar to the earth. It seems that dad is the only one who can keep clam. "The gases on my planet is same as those on earth. So you can go outside without wearing spacesuit." "That's great! " We shouted. "So we are going to enter it!"
      "After a strong shaking, it was light green, and soon, white clouds appeared, through the clouds, the whole city appeared gradually. There were boundless green fields, lush forests, rivers shuttle, they have light colors, groups of birds were flying in the sky, and many animals were running on land, I had only seen some of them in pictures, as I was surprised with Qiao and Bin, our spaceship landed steadily.
      "Maybe although the star where Viola lives is similar to the earth, it is more developed than the earth." Dad said. "OK! Here we go!" Dad opened the door. We got off, as if we return back to the earth.
     Viola led us to the house nearby. And we saw a man and a woman standing by the table when the transparent door opened. Viola shouted in an unfamiliar language and then rushed toward to them. Two persons smiled. But when they saw us, they seemed to be surprised. Then Viola said something to them and they turned into a room inside with smile. When they came out, each of them had held a machine like Viola's to translate the language. "They're my parents." Viola introduced.
     "Hello, thanks for sending Viola back!"
    "It doesn't matter."

Viola said that there was a rare plague on earth.

     "Viola said that there was a rare plague on earth, so could you tell me something about the symptoms?"
     "Sure, the patients will fever and don't cure, and they may die because of the fever."
     "Please wait," Viola's dad opened the machine next to him and finding something, "Oh, it's this virus!"
     "So, do you have solution?"
     "A month ago, a person here visited other planet, and when he came back, he got ill like this, maybe he went to earth. Unfortunately, we couldn't save him. However, we kept that virus as a sample and kept working on it. We used our experience and technology and theoretically found out 70% about it, but we haven't found one thing yet. We are now finding a material which can decompose the venom of the variable mosquitoes. If we can't decompose it, our work in the past will be waste. So we are still finding the solution."
      "So, that means we are facing the same problem," Dad said, and turned to me, "Once I have told you, your grandpa's ideas are not......"
     "Wait!" I interrupted Dad. I rushed out of the house, came back to the spaceship. The insects were still flying in the bottle on the table. I held the bottle and rushed back. People in the room all focused on the bottle. "The insects in this bottle was found in a distant planet, Grandpa had marked on these insects. They had died out already on earth. Please tell me if they are useful." Dad looked at the insects. Viola's father held the bottle and nodded. Then he opened a transparent box next to him, in the box, there is something in dark red. "This box can keep the things in it fresh, and the blood in it has virus." Then he opened the cover, and let the insects in from the opening on the lateral wall. To our surprise, the free insects got together around the blood. Everyone felt surprised. The dark red blood changed bright red at once! "This......this is the material we are finding! I will clone them immediately and added the medicine we developed in the past! And in this way, the solution has nearly been found. We will do an exam to make sure it can't do harm to people. If it's safe, it's means that we have cured this plague!" We were all very exciting. "People will be saved!" Qiao and Bin jumped happily. Unknowingly, I laughed as well.

(Two months later)

     "Good, now people are recovered." Mother was answering the phone from hospital, dad sat at the table, looked out of the window, I came in and followed his direction to look outside, people regained vigor, rows of trees also full of up, I heard that experienced this incident, the pollution also processed. I think about all this, smiled. "Maybe I was wrong." "Oh?" This is the first time I heard dad said he was wrong, "dad's idea really makes sense, "I always wanted to light depend on my own strength, but... but now I understand him, we can learn from each star." My father and I smiled, at this moment, the wall screen opened, there was a girl's image, "This is Viola!" I shouted, "I have been landed in earth, you come to meet us, my parents come too, they want to communicate with your father!" OK!" I say, "dad, come on, let's go!" Father nodded, I rushed to the hall, opened the door.
     Outside, everything was shining brightly.


附中文版:(A version of Chinese)
么?"安乔问, "我爷爷提到的α虫!""能治病吗?""还不清楚,但是先带上吧!"
们最近的那颗金黄色的星球上!"我惊呼,"资料上说,那颗星叫落日余晖(Sunset Glow)。"
叫薇拉,今年十岁,来自Cleste 星。"我们向她伸出手,热情地握了握。"呵呵,这个小盒子
是我来自的celeste 星,那里有一望无际的树林和美丽平静的湖泊。我生活的地方面对着一
突然,一架小型飞船出现在远处,而且是径直地向他们飞来,停在XX 号前面挡住了
这时薇拉说话了:"叔叔,他们现在是要送我回celeste 星,我们那里说不准能有解决你
们怪病的方法""""而且,爸爸,我们真的按照爷爷说说,穿越虫洞到了A 星!这是真的!"
相信你们一回。"爸爸很勉强地说,"不过,离开了C 星,你立刻跟我回家!这可再没商量
"好,那么我给你们带路,不会太远。" 薇拉坐到椅子上,目视远方,蓝色的眸子望向
和地球上的是一样的,所以你们可以不用穿宇航服了。" "这简直太好了!"我们说。"那么,