Space Exploration: In a Student's Perspective


As Einstein says, “Yesterday’s failures are today’s seeds that must be diligently planted to be able to abundantly harvest tomorrow’s success”. Therefore, it is absolutely wrong for us to say that space exploration is just a waste of money and time based on what had happened. Many of us also had a wrong impression that it is wise to solve earthly problems first before thinking, planning and attempting for something that is out of the confines of the cranium like space exploration. But, we should look at the bright side as space exploration actually benefits us now and in the future after going through many obstacles, trials and improvements. Aren’t we mankind were born to enhance our lives by facing these challenges and obstacles?

I am concerning that space exploration is important simply because it is rich with benefits. One of its obvious benefits is the global positioning system by the satellite. We depend on sea trade to transport our goods which depends on the global navigation system with essential navigation guide. Without this system, ships might get lost in the middle of the ocean. It also helps by photographing the world map. This makes an easier medium for architects to do their floor planning used in construction and the increase of economy. For agriculture, it predicts the crop yields, pest infestation and the area under cultivation. Besides that, the satellite enables satellite Internet and phones which provides a medium for the world to reunite through communication. Without this system, communication will be limited and human race will stop exploring and will end up with the deterioration of current news and general knowledge.

Next, satellites in space enable weather forecast which helps us to plan our routine efficiently based on the weather. For example we can plan indoor activities on rainy day and outdoor ones on sunny day. Moreover, it could also predict natural calamities such as flood, storm and tornadoes. Recently, we might save many lives if we predicted the tsunami which feared us in 2004. It is believed that asteroid strikes had cost the dinosaurs to extinct. Therefore, we can take vigilant steps to prevent this to happen on humans by knowing and considering about thousands of t6his asteroids and other natural disasters.

In addition, the astronomy fields also helps us by gaining other alternative energy source instead of the ones which is already one our land which also could be used up one day. The energy source that I mean is the nuclear energy that can be produced abundantly from the hydrogen gas from the Sun. It is believed that the electricity produced by a kilogram of hydrogen is equivalent to that of 11,000 metric tons of coal. Wow, that’s a huge amount and is really proficient and energy-saving. Besides that, another field that gleans the benefit of space exploration is the field of electronics where a number of miniature electronic components could only be manufactured by astronauts during their experiments in space stations and space shuttles. These components are really compulsory in electronic equipments that make our lives easier today.

Another advantage of this audacious field that is indirect to humans is that it provides challenge. It opens up our mind that our is not only the earth which is our living place but it’s beyond that. We are born to explore things around us and space exploration will be an obligation for us. Based on all the benefits I had stated, how could we say that this field is a squander!

Here, I would like to share some of my ideas to hoist the field space exploration by answering the quest of what is the future of this field. Firstly, I would suggest the world to come up with the idea of spacetourisme where inquisitive youngsters today can explore the universe lively to gain more knowledge. We born as humans have all the rights to know about the world around us so what’s wrong we travel to space. I believe that this will achieve its objective if each and every person named as the residents of earth support this program without criticizing.

My second idea is to create or find an atmosphere in space where humans can live. Here, I would like to adopt the words of Stephen Hawking saying that “I don’t think the human race will survive the next thousand years unless we spread into space”. Based on his words, we should really find another world or expand the world due to the ever growing population of human race. I believe that this could be done with thorough investigation. Another idea is to create vehicles which move with the support of the navigation system without a driver. This would be an efficient idea and don’t need people to attend driving class.

Lastly, for the conclusion, I would like to say that nothing is impossible if we put our 100 percent effort on it. I do believe that all the youngsters today must have that responsiveness that space exploration is not a waste but it is affluent with benefits we can ever imagine. We, the future generation are the ones who are responsible to make a world which is much better than today. Till then, don’t stop exploring and organize yourselves to draw the future of human kind through space exploration.