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What is the future of human space flight, and why is it important?
2010 Displays and Performances


Some of the winning Humans in Space Youth Art Competition artwork was woven into a multimedia performance for the Opening Ceremony at the Humans in Space Symposium held in Houston, April 11, 2011.  The performance had 4 sets, each of which summarized messages from the youth participants worldwide.  Video is available for the performance of each set, and the set content is as follows:


Set1 – What is the Future of Human Space Exploration? (3 min)
Set 2 – Why is it Important? (5 min)
Set 3 – How Will it Be Accomplished? (7 min)
Set 4 – Who will Do it? (3 min)


Display and performance venues (As of 5–1–12)

Houston Area International Conference Displays & Performances 
Humans in Space Symposium Display & Performance Houston April 2011
Lunar & Planetary Space Conference Display March 2012


Houston Area Public Displays & Performances:
Yuri’s Night Texas Display (Discovery Green) April 2011
Texas Design Challenge Display (South Shore Harbor) April 2011 & November 2011
“Summer of Innovation” Display (Space Center Houston [SCH]) August 2011
JSC Shuttle Program Celebration (Public Event at JSC) August 2011
“Home School Day” Multimedia Performance (SCH) October 2011
Rotunda Area (Universities Space Research Association) October–February 2012
Main Exhibit Area (SCH, January-February 2012)


NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) Displays
Innovation Day May 2011 and May 2012
Bring Your Child to Work Day, Honors Awards Ceremony, Teague Auditorium June–July 2011
Cafeterias B11 & B3 May–September 2011
TEDx Events November 2010 & July 2011 & December 2011
Engineering Systems Building Lobby August 2011–present
B29 Building Lobby January 2012–present


Other US Venue Displays & Performances:

Imagination Summit Display (Lincoln Center Institute, New York) July 2011
“Celestial Matters” Display (Charles Bank Gallery,New York) October 2011
NHHPC Workshop Keynote & Display (NASA Ames Research Center, California) October 2011
Kennedy Space Center [KSC] Visitor’s Center February 2012–present
“Celebrating 50 Years of Americans in Orbit” Performance (KSC, Florida) February 2012

 “Welcome Discovery” Shuttle Celebration (Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Center, DC) April 2012
Baker Arts Center  (Kansas) June 2012


Worldwide Display via Online Gallery at: