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    How will humans use science and technology to explore space, and what mysteries will we uncover?


    O=Older, Y=Younger, NE= Native English Speaker, NNE=Non-Native English Speaker

    What's the universe

    What�s the universe?
    The universe is a plant
    the planets bear fruit,
    humanity with science and technology will grow them.
    The universe does not move 
    Only technology and science move
    It doesn�t act, doesn�t speak but,
    We are make it more complete:
    Spacecraft, Space Station, satellites
    all objects built by mankind.
    The universe is an inanimate being
    But without the universe,
    What would we be?
    It is like a body without heart,
    like a soul without faith.
    What�s the universe?
    The universe is everything.
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