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    How will humans use science and technology to explore space, and what mysteries will we uncover?


    O=Older, Y=Younger, NE= Native English Speaker, NNE=Non-Native English Speaker

    Star Catcher

    Star Catchers
    Chapter 1- Five Star Business
    	The big, noisy crowd was still waiting outside the tightly shut door. They stared at me and other workers emptying huge bags. The entire store was suddenly full of lights, and the automatic doors slowly opened. Customers rushed in like a swarm of bees finding honey and threw at least two shiny stars into their shopping carts. I felt powerful as I took a look at the sign above the containers that read: Fresh new batches of stars delivered every Thursday at 9 am! More people jostled their way in screaming, ��Mine, mine!�� over and over. As Mr. Milky Way expected, the star catching business was superb.
    	There were stars everywhere. People had waited outside the stores day and night just for these; it was psychotic. The cash registers were busy with so many customers with even more purchases of stars. On the streets, everyone was carrying stars back to their cars. The radiant light filled the entire city. 
    	The customers informed us that they were using those stars as household pets. The family could play with it just like any other animal, which was an entertaining company. The children used it to snuggle with at night. The various usages for these stars made people want more of them. 
    	The new technology, developed by NASA, converted the light from stars into ultimate resource of not only light, but also electricity and wifi. These stars had their own life spans and unique colors that changed. They jiggled around and, although they could not talk, responded to movement and showed emotions by changing colors. Everyone was amused with this discovery, and they wanted them to be sold everywhere. We simply did not have enough star catchers to meet these demands!
    Chapter 2- The Wanted
    	The star catching business started off as a big group of volunteers. I was interested in this new opportunity, and decided to try it out. We went through a 3-month training course for this job, which included learning and experiencing space technology, zero-gravity training, and spacesuit equipments. Although it was tedious and hard work, it gave me more accomplishments to look forward to. After a review of the course material and being informed about the star catching process, we were hired and started catching stars like crazy!
    	First, I drifted around in space with bulky spacesuits on, then collecting stars one by one with a specially designed net. Its taut strings captured the stars and held them in place so they could not wiggle out of the net. Then, I put them all into large containers which teleported them back to the Earth, where workers labeled and packaged the stars. It was an amazing job to catch stars. With the growing profit, the company employed more and more workers. 
    As a reward of our hard training and work, the company gave away one star to each of us. I looked at the bright, tiny object that was in my hands and thought of how much these little creatures changed our lives. The stars made everyone��s lives so much easier. Practically every single household depended on them for most of the gadgets that used wifi. We heard about the fun interaction between children and stars; apparently, they were great company. Moms were grateful that they didn��t need to pay electricity bills anymore.
    	I enjoyed the benefits of owning a star like other customers. Keeping Sagittarius as a pet was a special part of it. Sagittarius constantly moved around the house, trying to explore the different parts. It bumped into one of the sharp corners of the tables, and it started flickering red and yellow. I figured that changing its color to red was its sign of pain. I walked up and carried it to the couch, then Sagittarius turned blue. I yelped, ��OW!�� because the star was very hot. I remembered from the training courses that the hottest stars�� colors were blue. I made a mental note never to touch Sagittarius when it��s blue again. 
    	The alarm rang from my phone. I got up and saw that the company had sent another message to come back and catch stars. More and more stars were caught every day. They were delivered faster than we could blink. As the parts of the space that were ��hunted�� grew short of stars, our company moved out further to the unexplored space. It wasn��t hard to do so because of the rapidly improved space technologies developed by NASA. This included teleporting and faster space vehicle transportations. 
    Chapter 3- Star Planter
    Unfortunately, we soon discovered a fatal fault in the stars. They needed to be replaced with new bodies because of their short lives! Of course, this increased our sales even more, but the problem was about the solar system. More and more stars were taken away, making all the beautiful constellations disappear. People were upset by this situation, which was becoming worse every day. 
    	The entire company soon held a meeting. We discussed how this issue was threatening a lot of elements like the solar system, the natural way of the environment, electricity, and most importantly, the people in the world. We couldn��t stop the whole business, because too many people would lose jobs. After some careful consideration, I came up with a brilliant idea: return the stars for recharge.
     We hired scientists from NASA to get their consultation. They informed that the stars were losing energy from their time away from the space. With this information, we made a plan to replace stars and recharge them for two months at a time. Using this plan, we set up a new route of returning stars and trading them for new ones.
    	At first, people were a little confused when we told them that we��d take their stars away, but soon understood after listening to our plan. A few weeks later, the new way had returned the original beauty and condition to the solar system. Every night as I came back on Earth, I looked up at the night sky. It was always sprinkled with myriad of stars glittering and sparkling. As I was staring, I thought of my new job: a star planter.
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