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2012 Event Photos and Videos

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How will humans use science and technology to explore space, and what mysteries will we uncover?


O=Older, Y=Younger, NE= Native English Speaker, NNE=Non-Native English Speaker


International Space Station (ISS) Art Exhibit (On Orbit Around the Earth, May 2013)
Visual, literary and musical artwork was displayed on the ISS and enjoyed by astronauts Chris Hadfield and Tom Marshburn.

Short video of visual & musical art orbiting on ISS

Longer video of visual & musical art orbiting on ISS

Moon bounce Performance (Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, Netherlands, May 2014)


Youth visual art was bounced off the Moon in collaboration with the OPTICKS project and the Dwingeloo radio telescope in the Netherlands.  A distinguished panel of artists, writers and scientists discussed the significance of the artwork and the performance and explored the impact of past, present, and future human presence on the Moon.

"Touching the Moon with Art and Footsteps" video

IAA Humans in Space Symposium Opening Ceremony Performance, Exhibit and Visiting Artist Program (Cologne, Germany, July 2013)


A multi-media live Opening Ceremony performance, weeklong display, and Visiting Artist Program were held at the Maternushaus in Cologne, Germany, from July 6–12, 2013. The activities were associated with the 19th International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Humans in Space Symposium, where scientists, managers and astronauts from around the world met to discuss human space flight and exploration.





Awards Ceremony


Group Photo




Press Conference


Performance Videos

Act 1: Dare to Go Beyond
Youth musical, visual and literary art


Act 2: The Void
Youth music with dance


Act 3: Emotions Beyond the Earth
Youth music


Act 4: Limits
Youth poetry reading


Act 5: Explatoraticious Engineer
Youth music


Act 6: Fire of Harmony
Youth musical, visual and literary art


Act 7: Discovery is the Color of Life
Youth video

Act 8: Pillars of Creation
Youth music accompanied by photographs of the Eagle Nebula


Act 9: Search for Earth
Youth musical, visual and literary art


Act 10: Is It Too Late?
Youth video


Act 11: The Land of Stars
Youth music