Call for Participation - Training Opportunity
Stereo Processing of Planetary Imagery using SOCET SET®
The Planetary Photogrammetry Guest Facility at the Astrogeology Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey would like to announce its Call for Participation for a training opportunity on the production of topographic maps from planetary stereo images using the SOCET SET® software by BAE Systems. The training is free to participants, and will cover end-to-end, hands-on photogrammetric procedures for surface extraction from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE image pairs. The topics include

• An introduction to photogrammetric procedures and surface generation techniques;
• Overview of HiRISE imagery;
• Workflow and data exchange between ISIS and SOCET SET; and
• ISIS HiRISE processing steps.

The hands-on training will include SOCET SET import of image and reference data, orientation procedures, multisensor triangulation, manual and automated surface extraction of digital terrain models (DTM), editing, and data export.

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