Hurricane Season is Here

Hurricane season began June 1.

The library has books and videos showing the effects of recent hurricanes on the Gulf region. They include:
Active and passive microwave measurements in Hurricane Allen by Victor E. Delnore et al.
The formation and future of the upper Texas coast: a geologist answers questions about sand, storms, and living by the sea by John B. Anderson
Hurricane Ike: A photographic account presented by the Houston Chronicle
Hurricane preparedness: before, during, & after by ShowMeHow Videos
Hurricane Rita: reflections of a generation witnessing disaster edited by Vertna Bradley
Hurricane! coping with disaster : progress and challenges since Galveston, 1900 edited by Robert Simpson
In Ike’s wake: Southeast Texas endures hurricane’s devastation by the staff of Beaumont Enterprise
Isaac’s storm: a man, a time, and the deadliest hurricane in history by Erik Larson
Overcoming Ike: standing by you–commemorative 6 month anniversary DVD by KHOU-TV